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Silver Ears ShortFilm

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This is my bachelor animation project I've been working on for over a year! Its my first time putting my animations together like this and I have learned a lot! All animated and rendered in blender Evee. Bare with me it's also my first time sound editing, so I hope the sound comes out well too.


 Animation, rigging, modeling, sculpting, retopology, texturing, material shading, rendereing, compositing, sound editing, video editing, character design, concept art 

 By Anton Kohlhaussen


By Liam Roberts,

and Joshua Empyre - Freesound.org

Sound effects

- Freesound.org

Procedural Rocks tutorial 

- Alchemeca


By Yarin Yuangtrakul

- deviantart.com/anton51 - artsation.com/anton51 -

TheAnton51 on Youtube - anton51.newgrounds.com

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That was so amazing, I really want to see more

Anton51 responds:

Thank you!! Will show some more!

With the title "short film" I knew it would be something good! That's pretty much a given. I admit the CGI can be kind of goofy looking. It's a little too bulgy. It's still definitely a good cartoon. It kind of looks like Miku Hatsune.

It also reminds me of Mewtwo. Seems like white than silver. I like how we have no idea what's going on. That's usually interesting. While not great, certainly good.

Anton51 responds:

Thank you for this review! I can see why it may seem bulgy since the anatomy of the characters are a stylesd alien species. The Miku reference feels a bit of stretch. Tbf I wish I could've given more context as to who the agents are and who the long eared character is. Just that I was more focused on the mechanics rather the story, which I will look in to. It's my first time working on an animation like this, and I am learning on how to make it better.