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Author Comments

Battle with your Idlemon to defeat anyone who gets in your way!

First to take down the other tamer wins.

Have to use the bathroom or take care of some business? Set it to Idle Battle at a gate and do what you have to do!

Good Luck have fun! :)

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[Edit: I appreciate the response, and I hope you can see from the score I gave that I do like this game. Creating stuff is hard, and I don't want to crap on someone's work. It was just such a frustrating feeling, as I was trying to do an undefeated run, discovering that I was stuck with a tarnished save (which I will admit, is not the same as unwinnable, since there isn't a "game over" state, so that was a misspeak on my part). Anyway, keep making stuff, keep learning, and I look forward to what you make next.]

I'm having fun with the game, but I've gotta call out the autosave, specifically the fact that it can't be turned off. I went into the settings, switched off Autosave, and as I closed the menu it immediately autosaved. In fact it autosaves every time I open and close the menu.

And it autosaves OVER the last manual save, not in a separate autosave slot.

AND it also autosaves after every single battle (not sequence, each battle), meaning that if I enter into a 5 battle sequence, and discover halfway through that I can't win 5 battles in a row, that's it. Save game is toast. Period! Finito! If I didn't use multiple save slots, that's it, I'm screwed, because it autosaved over my last manual save, and if I load it back up, I'm back in the middle of this battle getting my ass kicked. That's a HUGE no-no in design.

I mean, I'd love to talk about some of the other game mechanics, and say some positive things, but that's a game-breaker. When your game overwrites the manual save, even with Autosave turned off, and makes itself completely unwinnable... Sorry, gotta call that out.

DreamGate-Gaming responds:

This is actually a bug with a yanfly plugin I'm using. If you save to a file that becomes the new autosave file. So if you want to create a back up, you can save to file 1 then save to file 2 so save 1 would be a backup. I'll make a patch to this, thank you for the feedback!
EDIT: Next month I'll be uploading idlemon II

fine concept, but i wish there were some more original assets in the game.

DreamGate-Gaming responds:

I used many Ækashics images and Yanfly Plugins. The further you go the more unique the images become. Soon I'll upload Idlemon II which has much more imaginative maps and mons!
Thanks for your feedback!

Credits & Info

2.95 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2020
5:52 PM EDT
  • RPG Maker MV
Misc. Kit
  • yanfly plugins
  • Ækashics