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Life begins to change again

And this time I don't feel alright

I feel as though my rights are lost

To time


To cosmic lights

Radiate my fears and my life

Tell me lying was worth the fight

And I will lie my entire mind upon a line


Who are you when you feel your tongue?

Where do you go?


Do you know what it smells like to feel?

To know what is alive?

How could I convey to you?


Fire away the sounds of my fears

Wipe away the tears from my eyes

Show me what is real and I will tell you a lie

Until we find our lives


So tell me lies

So I can feel rivers flow to the ocean

Lie to me

Set me free



Show to me

What it takes to be alive

To stand on my own

Show to me why

I fight

Wars that do not stem from my heart anymore

If I'm a fool

Let me know why I am this way

If I can't ever change then tell me I was wrong

For trying to find my way into the darkness

My heart is too scarred to carry the weight of the world anymore


Remove me from

What was done

Let me be alone

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The song is amazing and the visual suits it well. Especially in the context of this page it somehow plays well with all the cartoony vibe of this website. Maybe the song could have some more distorted or broken parts I don't know. But great work!

Can’t avoid the fact that this is a 7 second loop, set to a mostly unchanging song, stretched out over nearly 8 minutes. Feels low effort.

VibrantMan responds:

This is low effort, I did everything you see. I am only one man.

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2.73 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2020
4:28 AM EDT
Music Video