Leopards Frontier

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A brutal massacre takes place in the Caucasus mountains. Surviving Spetsnaz operatives attempt to avenge the fallen. In doing so, they enact the will of a higher power.

This concept was conceived years ago, and I decided I'd hop back into animation once my military service was drawing to a close. This has been an arduous project through a very turbulent time in my life. This video went through a variety of changes and so much was left on the chopping block. But who knows? I still have every video and piece of audio that was left unused.

Perhaps it may come in handy someday.

Many thanks to CartoonChill for your absolutely stunning background art!


Aeris, thank you very much for composing a thoughtful theme and for your skillful knack for catchy music!


JulieParkVO and Gianni Mantragrano, thank you both very much for being so flexible with your voice acting and line delivery!

Julie P - https://www.julieparkvo.com/

Gianni M - https://www.getgianni.com/

Drawn in Toon Boom Harmony.

Edited in Adobe Products.

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Absolutely incredible, the smoothness of the animation was what I love the most, that and that was sick headshot. Will there be any potential sequel or continuation of this?

aggimajera responds:

Believe it or not this is like draft 3 of the original idea. The other ideas I came up with are still very viable and actually quite watchable in animatic form. Maybe at some point I can do a continuation!
Glad you liked it sir!

This looks promising!

aggimajera responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Very smooth, I am intrigued. Sound design was a little rough with the gunshots, but thats totally how guns tend to be, loud and jarring. I want to see more of your animation~ You have great weight in this, and your teams skills shine beautifully~ Pro job on everyones part~

aggimajera responds:

I think it’s a strong concept too. And you’re right, everyone here has great skill. Look more towards their work in the future!

I can finally say that there is hope for original content on the internet!

aggimajera responds:

Thanks for watching, we really tried our best here!

Came out amazing! Thank you for including me in the project!

aggimajera responds:

Thanks for getting on board! Excellent voice work, man!

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3.99 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2020
1:54 AM EDT