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Soldier 2D

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Not much of a game but...GO BLUE TEAM!!

Maso25 responds:

Yea it was ment to be a simulation. Just a test to see how far i could get with ai.
Same feeling when i watch them fight. Just siting there screaming "RED TEAM GO!" or blue, Depends :]

Well anyway thanks for playing!

Nice simulation. Kind of hard to find free games that have two or more AI to fight each other.
The other comment with something about a NewGrounds player. It's a substitute to the flash player that's going to go "poof" in half a year.

Reply: I think they will. Just sitting there until the ends of time. NG player is kind of slower than normal flash player though

Maso25 responds:

Thanks for playing! I could put in Really as many ai as i want but ive limted it down to that small amount for the mean while.
Yea i know that flash is going away soon but will my games stay?

(Edit) I hear that games that use flash are going to get destroyed

Reply to reply: We can only hope.

An tutorial or something would be fine
I can understand this is your first attemp but...
Try to share more worked games hehe, dont worry, its ok
(edit, thanks for writing your reason)
I mean an tutorial for understand about what is the game, one can´t really undestand the sense of all this, so, one text just saying "just watch soldiers fighting" will be fine
First attempt ? : i mean, this game looks... Just simple morphs fighting in easy maps, in a easy structure, i understand you like the simple games, but, this makes a strange look
More worked games ? : its about that, it look too simple, it can take about 1 hour to make, and i ever say, if you are going to upload something, try your best !, for improve yourself, and this one looks... Pretty easy, i suposse you tried your best, but, if you aren´t trying that, well, just... keep in your stuff m8

Maso25 responds:

Pardon? The whole game is watching little soldiers fighting. Why should there be a tutoiral?
My first attempt? Nope. Not by a long shot. And "Try to share more worked games" What does that even mean? This game works perfectly.
If your going to write a review then please play the game
Sir The game is simple enough for the player to realize that in the first 5 seconds. And the description says it all. And please Are you a game developer? This is not my first atempt. Yes the art is bad but that doesnt mean that its my first atempt just that my art is bad.
This game took me a Whole week to make. So if you want me to start making games that take mouths then i dont know.

i dont even know who i am

Maso25 responds:


I wish i had NG player

Maso25 responds:

Thanks for playing! Please elaborate on Ng player? I dont understand you. But thanks for playing!

Credits & Info

1.91 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2020
3:05 AM EDT