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The Core of Your Being

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"The core of your being is fear. What is deep inside yourself is just fear: fear of losing this, fear of losing that, failing here or some other worry there. The object of fear could be changing: Neanderthal man had his own reasons to be frightened of, the ancient man who was hunting had his own reasons to be afraid of, also the medieval man. And modern man has his fear of a stock market crash (...) Basically fear has continued throughout human history, because as long as you exist, there will be fear. Because you're not supposed to exist, you are only an illusion, at every moment there is a struggle to survive. Unless mental formations are going on all the time you will simply cease to be there."Sri Bhagavan

Small animation in black and white about fear. Done digitally in its entirety.

You can aslo follow me on twitter and instagram @higadoyrinon

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We know you're not tone deaf.

i love the asthetic. the whole style looks like flipnote (the ds thing if i rember) and arcade art for cutscenes. it give a really cool erie feel at least for me.

Great piece! I must say that in the start after the character has poured into the glass then the camera goes up and now it looks like he's 5 meters away from the machine. It confused me.

higadoyrinon responds:

Haha, yeah. When there´s the pan up, the elements that appear to be in the foreground (the man, glass and table) go out of the frame at a faster speed. I liked that unsettling feeling at the sudden change in perspective so I left it there. Thanks!

Without a doubt the animation skills displayed here are impressive, but fear was definitely not the emotion I felt. I think the music fits the animation, the animation fits the theme (fear), but the music didn't fit the theme. If the music was been more disturbing or unsettling, then this would better accomplish its goal.

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2020
7:21 PM EDT
Music Video