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I decided to animate a new intro for my YouTube channel.

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Good slide anim. The jump too. Nice artwork overall. I bet you could make this intro a bit quicker. Particularly with the panning. I could see it being snappier. It would match the fire slide intensity. Instead of a slow pan up when the two characters are in frame.
You could swoosh up (even add some sound effects). Have the logo's fly in as well with a bit of stretch/squash, give'm a little jiggle / momentum as they stop. Hell, get wacky and have one of the logo parts fly in, all spinning, after your boy crashes (throw in some other garbage that flies into too, on the floor, a can rolling out, a ball bouncing out, etc. . . or maybe have stuff related to the channel bouncing along the ground). Maybe the logo hits the other dude in the brainbox, have him itch the sore spot and mean mug his friend as the logo then ricochets to meet the other part of the logo. Would make it worth the minute watch. If not doing any of that. . . bet you could nail this down to ~30 seconds.

Also, you should maybe randomly repeat that blinking anim as the logo comes in. So the smiling dude doesn't look so static.

SarlechFROST responds:

OOOOOHHH THAT'S A GREAT INPUT. I'LL implement this later on. Thank you so much for the feedback. Thank you for the notes.

You do realise you are on Newgrounds, not Youtube, right? Don't just use Newgrounds to try to draw traffic off here, and besides, we're not interested in intros, we're wanting to see what you're actually making.

SarlechFROST responds:

I understand that very well. Thank you for your input 🙂. However I will continue to do as I please here. I am not breaking any rules. I'm just a creator trying to make content.

Intro is way too long for youtube imo.

SarlechFROST responds:

You are correct...if it was a full video. It's a channel page intro. But I appreciate the criticism. Thank you 😊


SarlechFROST responds:

Thank you 😊

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2020
6:01 AM EDT