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Mentally Old People : Foamy The Squirrel

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Some people just get old... fast...


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In my day Foamy the Squirrel was a great thing to watch and not eaten by that dog in 2022.

Music is only too loud... when it sucks? Wait a minute. Is Foamy saying he listens to music that sucks? Because, if they claim it's too loud, y'know? Anyway, some good truth here, though loud music if you're trying to sleep... man maybe I'm just getting old. O_o


Perhaps my age is eternity; I come from a place so dark they don't shine light there anymore. I can kick eternity, and it might well kick back. I have a certain fondness for the Boreal Valley, and it lies within my very soul, which I forged of cells long forgotten. It's all been done with my middle finger, but there is no hope for those which seek to revel in getting up my tree. There is a similarity in how my face crowns, for eternity forever stupifies the weak. My inevitable death is not for sale, and though the Earth may keep turning round two lanes turned sharp, my keen determination of detail thinks the stars shine an asterisk back unto thee; young speed readers like to spread peace in their mind. A simple toy is evolution, and like a legion these ants spring forth to ignore middle fingers like ash to the phoenix eye. To point the finger at me is to open one's mind to what they seek within from me, and to point my finger unto you is heresy; a trader must trade only what he is willing to trade. Sad virtues are for the simple minded, and weak wills must find stronger souls to quench their thirst for nothing at all. The pink light divides us all, yet it need not defy death to live that spark of life granted in its rest. You need not search for happiness in your youth, for eternity shall give happiness unto those who seek it rightfully so. Anger is but a figment of the mind to be relinquished into what you make of it. Laughter may be an ancient trick, but it is a simple smile that may brighten anyone's day; the butterflies flicker in the night, and truly they shine fluttering through my right. Are you ready? Are you really read there sun? ¡Pues, aquí vengo a tango!

Best takeaway from this episode

"The fun is out there. You just have to search."

Yes a lot of stuff sucks, especially stuff that's over-promoted. But there's stuff that doesn't suck, stuff that is very good. You just have to search.

"There's no music released after <Arbitrary year> that's any good." Actually, there is. You just have to search. It probably won't be whatever is getting mainstream radio play.

I think the only difference as far as older music goes, is the mainstream music back then tended to be better than the mainstream music of today. But go beyond the mainstream stuff and there's all kinds of wonderful music out there. "You just have to search."

this.... is fucking great.

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3.97 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2020
12:19 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 29, 2020