A Bird, A Bottle, And A Microbiome

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An educational short commissioned by MicroBiomesNet.

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I don't even drink, and i don't think i would go around doing the good eating, exercising and staying social routine.

But this video was really educational and down to earth, great job guys! the Q&A at the end was something i wish more videos like this would have and implement.

this was pretty cool

very good information how ever if you stop eating flesh then a good diet comes naturally - animation was ok

As I teach biology, I can totally related to the subject.

The animation is neat, understandable, clear and appealing.

For the biologic part, you talk about the microbiome in the guts, but show a picture of the stomach. Why?
If I'd watch this with my pupils (who don't master english that well), I'd probably let them do some research to know what was simplified, what kind of sources you used and so on. When my pupils watch movies or read documents, it's one of the main things they have to do and your animation fits to it, as you mention all the sources and show different interpretations of the topic.

Nevertheless It's a good job.
I'll be glad to see more of you!