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Absurd Walls

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Author Comments

A WASDIndieGameDev Game

A man finds his way out and found the truth, or did he? A walking-simulator game consisting of different puzzles.​

Disclaimer: The Game you are about to play contains graphic images. Some viewers may find some images in game disturbing and offensive. Please make sure you are in a good mental state before playing

Despite the fact that there are graphics that may be seems unpleasant to other people, please try to enjoy playing our game and find all the possible endings!

Every Feedbacks is deeply appreciated! :)

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I attacked the movie screen with the crowbar & I glitched out of existence, the camera just focused on the floor of the corner of the room. Not bad though, although I do agree invisible mazes aren't much fun.

Rhaish01 responds:

We really appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

The music gives me immediate Deep Sleep vibes as does the design which perfectly sets the tone of the game. Excellent shadows and lighting. Simple character design and easy controls. And tricky puzzles!

Rhaish01 responds:

We really appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

Invisible walls in a maze. Don't do that.

Rhaish01 responds:

We really appreciate your honest feedback! Thank you so much! We will keep in mind your comment for our future puzzle games :)

So... Where to begin.. First, I suppose, nice game. For the greater part it works well, it is interesting (Edit: but I am not sure if it is worth a playthrough).. I really like the ambiance of the game, it has a very ominous tone to it all and the game does make the play wish to understand what is going on.
There is definitely some drive in this game, but it does have some issues/annoyances.

With the scene controlling the camera the movement feels a bit awkward, especially in both of the 'maze' levels. The maze itself is simple enough but with the strange fixed camera and semi-transparent walls obvious paths are not obviou. This is doubly so in the maze with invisible walls, which makes me wonder why the author bothered with the "nope, seriously?" text in the invisible maze. Of course seriously I can't see any walls I have to feel my bloody way through it.

The game has no mouse grab (i.e. in full screen or window the mouse can leave the screen) this doesn't change the early fixed camera levels, but makes the later levels practically unplayable if you are windowed or have multiple monitors. Mouse grab.. it is a good thing.

Choice. In the first pass there doesn't seem to be any choice (perhaps I am wrong and missed something) In the second pass there is quite obviously choice, but the player is not given any feedback on what choice they are making. There isn't some evil AI talking to you or anything to guide you except some words on the walls (not present in the first choice room I noticed). Words that had previously not seemed to have any real meaning other than minor hints and possibly an attempt at a plot. But choice isn't really choice if you aren't given any meaning to it. My character didn't choose to commit suicide he chose a door because it was different than the previous doors. The fact that you don't bother allowing choice until the second pass compounds this annoyance. Do I really want to restart the game?

Ok.. So I restarted the game.. I chose the other path, and much to my chagrin there didn't seem to be any other choice to be made. With the game seeming to end at a silly floating boulder that you are told to interact with, which I did and was rewarded with the about screen? Now, perhaps there was more to the game if I had gone to the the door that had something like "Hill 1 End" written over it. Perhaps, but I am certainly not going to waste my time going through the game a third time. You know a game is not worth playing through again when getting a 'good' ending is significantly less gratifying than a previous bad ending that kind of angered you (not due to the content so much as the illusion of choice).

Also (not in order) the sliding panel room is glitched in first person, I started to go through the process of moving the panels when I was vaulted over the center panel and directly to the key. Fortunately I had already moved the one panel or I would likely have been stuck.

Finally (though not in order) the box maze in first person is annoying as the boxes don't move in the same way they do in third person. Some of the boxes don't seem to shift at all and one of the boxes ran over the key table (which glitched into the floor). Ultimately I was able to get to the key, but that room seems buggy as hell.

Prior to playing through the game a second time I had actually given this 4.5 stars, the deeply ungratifying 'good ending' combined with the mouse going annoying (I ran through the first person mazes without bothering trying to look anywhere) made me drop this down to three and a half stars. With the glitchy annoying first person gameplay I almost dropped it to 3 stars. I honestly think this game could have been good, really good and maybe there is more to it but I certainly couldn't recommend it to anyone much less recommend they play through it more than once.

Rhaish01 responds:

I really love every sentence of you feedback! We really appreciate it since it is our first time making a 3D and a puzzle game. We promise that we will do our best to improve our skills so that in the future we will make a much better and enjoyable game! Thank you again for your honest feedback!

This is incredibly interesting. It gives the feeling of being trapped in one's own mind and having to find a way to escape. The atmosphere and design are amazing! It can be a tad bit glitchy [I had a Markiplier moment and got myself stuck lol], but overall this is a very fun and haunting puzzle game!

I wonder how many endings there are in total. I found two. Seems I'm in for a lot of replaying! Please NG Gods, let this pass judgment!

Rhaish01 responds:

We really appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much!

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2020
1:21 AM EDT