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Fields of Sagebrushes

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Fields of Sagebrushes

Journey through the Unstable Lands

"Things have never been the same after the Event. It doesn't matter though, all we need to do is get to the bridge..."

'Fields of Sagebrushes' is a visual-novel-based point-and-click game made in 48 hours for the Geta Game Jam 12. Accompany Viktor and Iosif through some strange encounters; on their road trip through an unstable world right before it's collapse.

Hope you enjoy this apocalyptic road trip through an Unstable World!

How To Play

Manage 4 stats:

  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Morale
  • Wellbeing

Game Over occurs if you let one stat reach 0.

Each journey has 3 phases:

  • Preparation
  • Trip
  • Aftermath


Prepare for the next trip. Buying things with money is reliable but you can also try to risk it and look for work or chat with the locals.


Numerous random events occur, based on the region. Choose who will deal with each situation and what choices they will make. Figure out who is best at each task!


Observe how your actions impacted your stats.

Character Info:

Iosif: Good with cars; Has a short temper;

Victor: Previously a doctor; Easy to get along with; Terrible management skills;

Have Fun!


Made for Geta Game Jam 12

Art and Game Design: Yaga

Music and Sound Design: Shirou

Programming: Danidre

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Not bad. Though I did run into an issue where I had the exact amount of money to go to the pub but it said I did not have enough money.

I like the vibe. An intriguing and enjoyable ride; not frustrating.

I love this track. Iosef and Victor be bopping for the whole car ride

Pretty neat experience that had a lot of cool atmosphere to it helped by the graphics and sound. Unfortunately the experience for me was killed a lot by the UI design, which when you have a visual novel should be your bread and butter. Events were really confusing at first as it was difficult to tell which choice I had highlighted and what element to click, and I had no idea why I also had to highlight a character to choose them or anything like that. At first I thought the white markers on the status bars indicated what our current level was within the black bar, but then the black bars moved and I realized that they were the actual status indicator themselves. Many times there were interactable elements on the screen that could still be clicked and highlighted despite no longer being interactable, like the town choices when you have no choices left, or the other confirm button on screen when you're traveling. Another thing that hurt the game for me was the lack of event variety (I was already getting repeats very early on before barely even leaving the coast) and the fact that there were long stretches without any actual story tidbits to keep me hooked. It's still a pretty neat game, but I just wish it had a bit more polish to it: would love to see an updated version!

danidre14 responds:

I appreciate your review whole heartedly, and thanks for playing my game again! :D

This was a lot of first times for me, but I'll make no excuses, I understand your critiques on the UI; like we left it there for the user to figure out, seemingly by intuition.

With the encounters, we've nearly 50; it's really odd that you got so many reoccurring, the algorithms weren't in our favour in this one time you took a run through with it.

But definitely, it would've been amazing to polish the story and expand; other than the few we whipped up last minute. I too would love to see an updated version!

Again, thanks for playing, and I appreciate the critiques and feedbacks :)

WOAH, i feelt...heavy, like i had a block of lead over my shoulders the entire time, its really resonated with me, the ambience id really well made. i would have liked to see more lore, like, the chats you had with the locals or maybe more conversations, but the core idea and the mechanics work really well, its a tragic story, but with a motivational score, really good, really good

danidre14 responds:

Thank you for the review! Yes, due to constraints the lore and conversations were limited, but I'm glad you we able to get such an impression.

Thanks for playing!

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2020
8:19 PM EDT
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  • JavaScript
Misc. Kit
  • FlevaR