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Author Comments


0.0.2 is here! Thank you for giving your opinions so that this project will gradually improve.

However, if you do not like something or think it could improve, I will read it with pleasure, I will program the whole game again if necessary (as I already did)

Version 0.0.2

Things I added:

- A pause menu

- Damage to shot attack

- Ammunition System (We have only 8 shots)

- A "Double Jump" with the attack of the aerial shot

- Artificial Intelligence for the Enemy (Better than the previous one, but still improvable)

- System of "Tenacity" the enemy is stunned after 2 consecutive blows, but the third will endure it, but will receive double damage.

- A Secret Combo C + Down + Left or Right + Left or Right + C

Things I removed:

- Slip on taking damage

- The Enemy's Shot

- The numbers that taught us our HP

- The step we took after kicking

Things I should add in the future:

- A decent atmosphere, a background

- Bleeding System

- Better Impact Effect

- Execution animations

- A Game Menu

- Music, Sound Fx

- More defensive and offensive attacks for the enemy

- More attacks for the player.


- We can make a roll out of the wall

Controls remain the same:

Arrows to move

C for a punch

C and walk to kick

Z to dodge

Z and walk to roll

X to shoot

X and be in the air for an aerial shot (useless at the moment)

X Maintained for cutting

Enter to pause

C + Down + Right or Left + Right or Left + C for a special move


La 0.0.2 ya esta aquí ! Gracias por dar vuestras opiniones para que este proyecto vaya mejorando poco a poco.

Sin embargo, si algo no les gusta o creen que podría mejorar lo leeré con gusto, programaré todo el videojuego denuevo si hace falta (como ya lo hice)

Version 0.0.2

Cosas que agregué:

- Un menu de pausa

- Daño al ataque del disparo

- Sistema de Municion (Tenemos tan solo 8 disparos)

- Un "Doble Salto" con el ataque del dispario aereo

- Inteligencia Artificial para el Enemigo (Mejor que la anterior, pero aun mejorable)

- Sistema de "Tenacidad" el enemigo es aturdido despues de 2 golpes seguidos, pero el tercero lo aguantará, pero recibirá el doble daño.

- Un Combo secreto C + Down + Left or Right + Left or Right + C

Cosas que quité:

- El Deslizamiento al recibir daño

- El Disparo del Enemigo

- Los numeros que nos enseñaban nuestro HP

- El paso que dimos después de patear

Cosas que debo agregar en un futuro:

- Un ambiente decente, un fondo

- Sistema de Sangrado

- Un Mejor Efecto de Impacto

- Animaciones de Ejecucion

- Un Menu de Juego

- Musica, Fx de Sonido

- Mas ataques defensivo y ofensivos para el enemigo

- Mas ataques para el jugador.


- Podemos hacer un roll fuera de la pared

Los Controles siguen siendo los mismos:

Las Flechas para moverte

C para un puñetazo

C y caminar para patear

Z para esquivar

Z y caminar para rodar

X para disparar

X y estar en el aire para un disparo aereo (inutil de momento)

X Mantenido para corte

Enter para Pausar

C + Down + Right or Left + Right or Left + C para un movimiento especial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a.true.hero_art/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Batitono/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel&eid=ARCGOgYw5g8-ZacnPxCqJv15Awwwpdu7Vr4PaBNWDdUtTGYtpJARyZ7VMjVs9qZK8CMmRRNtFUYciV4b

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDMCXOjEaY0-FQBgefGNQQ?view_as=subscriber

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man i like where this is going!
i would request the classic "Press R for restart" and an aerial punch/kick.
i hope you polish even further the game and i will wait for more

batitono responds:

Hahaha Thank you very much Brother!
Regarding "pressing R to restart", it is not something that I consider, nor do I think that most players will like it,
The R key will work to reload different types of ammunition in future versions.
Regarding attacks in the air, of course there will be! Kicks, punches and attacks with the weapon !!
I still have to get animate all that, it will take a while, maybe months.

I like it, i would like some ways to dodge.

batitono responds:

More ways to dodge? like parrys? dash air? block attacks?
I will consider it, I'm glad to know that you liked it.

The movement feels kinda stiff, and moving and executing attacks feel unresponsive at times.

your on the good page with everything else tho. AI is surprisingly impressive.

batitono responds:

I am aware that he still feels stiff, I still don't know how to make him feel more pleasant to play.
With respect to "unresponsive" attacks, this is done intentionally.
I knew that it was easy to abuse the enemy, so I gave him the possibility to keep moving after being attacked many times in a row.
And, thank you for your opinion, it is greatly appreciated. <3

this game has pretty nice pixel art and nice animations but all you do is attack like in smash bros, but it is missing a lot of smash stuff like character selection different enemies some more moves and also, some UI to tell hp and other stuff right now it is pretty ok bur you can make it into something better maybe go for like a smash type game or make a story out of it and make battling like a smash type thing.

batitono responds:

Thanks for your opinion !!
Of course there will be many more characters !! But at the moment I am still testing the concept, to add more characters I must dedicate a lot of work to it, and if people like my idea, I will dedicate it to them.
Of course I want to give you a story, more enemies, and more combat, however, my idea is not to do something like "Smash", but rather as a "Street Fighter" or "Mortal Kombat"

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2020
12:39 AM EDT