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Triangular Cluster

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Author Comments

This is a game i made, and actively working on. Any feedback or suggestions for features or criticism is welcome and much appreciated!


Fixed Bugs

Balance changes

Friends can pick up coins

Update v0.2.5

-Added where one side cant kill each other (i.e enemy's cant kill enemy's and allys cant kill allys or the player)

-Bombs now do less damage

-You can push through Allys so you dont get trapped

-Allys Health is decreased

-Converting Enemys now refills your health

-Updated Main Menu

-Bug Fixes

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It's a neat concept but it's implication is kinda a mess. since enemies can kill each other, bombs one-shot everything and you can get stuck on your guys, the main mechanic is more of a crutch to be ignored then an essential ability. No joke the game got SOOO much easier when I stopped trying to convert enemies...But seriously make it so you don't get stuck on allies, whether you push them or go through, doesn't matter, just don't make them more of a hazard than the enemies.

Edit: SOOO much better now that you can go through your allies. It makes for a fun gameplay loop of, get dudes, use dudes to kill other dudes, dudes die, repeat. Plus when things get hectic you can run the enemies through a mine field to trim their numbers. The game is still pretty messy, the mine field is the only defensible position due to the spawn locations, but I'm happy to see it improved so much.

Bish0pDev responds:

Yeah, Thanks for the feedback! I just rolled out a update that just so happened to fix those exact problems.
EDIT: Thanks! Ill make sure to work on the level design more.

this is a pretty fun game bur using right click convert enemies to your side is not that worth it, because the enemies die from their own bullets before you can convert them also converting them takes to long, instead it is better to run around in circles and let them die from the enemies bullets.
you can make it into a pretty nice campaign mode if you wanted to, with some story idk

edit: nice you fixed the things i was talking about it has become way more challenging and i like that you get some health when you turn the enemies it is way more fun

Bish0pDev responds:

Thats a good idea actually. Thanks for the feedback!
EDIT added a patch that fixed all these things! If you wanna come try the game now and see what you think!

This is pretty good! I love the game feel it's pretty satisfying shooting squares and the effects are nice and flashy. The camera could use a bit of tweaks so I can see where I'm going but other than that the game is fine. Keep up the good work.

Edit: Saw the change, that's much better.

Bish0pDev responds:

Fixed it, the aspect ratio was screwed lol

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
10:50 PM EDT