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Nursery Curse

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A small game made for the GMTK jam 2020!


Noa (aka Blackthornprod): https://www.youtube.com/blackthornprod

Yän: https://twitter.com/YaenGames

Jonas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_p_9arduPuxM8DHTGIuSOg

Rules: Move with arrow keys and grab kids with space, trying to stop fights from breaking out, fires from burning and kids from crying!


Listen to or download the theme music on Yän's Soundcloud here:

YäN · Nursery Curse Theme



  • WASD or Arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Grab and release kids (run while releasing to throw them!)


  • Left stick: Move
  • X: Grab and release kids (run while releasing to throw them!)

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Definitely delivers on its intention of introducing people to the absolute chaos that a nursery can be! While the game didn't seem to have much progression to it apart from the one level, and it felt like you could never 'win', I felt like that was the whole point of the experience and it was fun to get in character and try to manage in the face of overwhelming odds. I like the little touches the game has to help you learn the mechanics, such as how the audio has direction to it so you can figure out where problems are happening by the sound of cries, and how your character verbalizes things like 'there, there' to let you know that the grab has a calming effect for sad kids. Now excuse me, I have to get back to breaking up another fight in the bathroom!

This is the sole reason why im not in the teaching career, i hate every single second of this hell hole

YaenGames responds:

Lol. Sorry for the trauma

This game lets you play solo Soccer With a Died Child's Corpse after everyone goes Home 15/10

Edit: the longer you go you can eventually tally up 10 dead kids and make an entire little league soccer team of Fetal-like corpses 50/10

Conceptually this is absolutely horrifying, being surrounded by the slowly building chaos, unable to quell the growing cacophony, your struggle to maintain order and peace rendered useless in the face of a screaming, gibbering, horde of imp faced, snot nosed kids...
Makes for a fun time waster though; liked how well the music track meshes too 5/5

Everything about this is fun!

Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
12:21 PM EDT

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