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wave control

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Author Comments

your goal to use your mouse to mark the opposite sin wave (flatten the curve) and switch between the channels switching witch one is used as an input for the main screen. 

you connected your heart monitor to a radio setting it out of control. Avoid harming your self with the noise coming from the radio.

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This popped up after a few seconds of play. Reloaded and error came again. Using Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit). Did not check other browsers

Uncaught abort(179) at Error
at jsStackTrace (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:22313)
at Object.stackTrace (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:22484)
at Object.onAbort (https://uploads.ungrounded.net/alternate/1494000/1494734_alternate_104569_r1.zip/Build/UnityLoader.js:4:11118)
at abort (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:481549)
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[42378]:0xca36f7
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[21424]:0x8f895f
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[41344]:0xc7f0f7
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[26424]:0x9c2d83
at dynCall_iiiii (<anonymous>:wasm-function[42156]:0xca2a7f)
at Object.dynCall_iiiii (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:457944)
at invoke_iiiii (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:336978)
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[23093]:0x943dd6
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[22547]:0x92cd1e
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[4239]:0x18858f
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[4238]:0x1884b8
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[7884]:0x2c5f63
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[7881]:0x2c4d85
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10224]:0x3c0063
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[8148]:0x2e6165
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10609]:0x3ec325
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10320]:0x3c968d
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10320]:0x3c96a2
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10315]:0x3c91ab
at <anonymous>:wasm-function[10308]:0x3c717e
at dynCall_v (<anonymous>:wasm-function[42171]:0xca2cc8)
at Object.dynCall_v (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:465782)
at browserIterationFunc (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:176980)
at Object.runIter (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:180041)
at Browser_mainLoop_runner (blob:https://uploads.ungrounded.net/71413a94-5a31-4717-9a85-25631c26d170:8:178503)

Very intriguing game concept! It's a bit random ( I have never seen something like this xD), but it has very good visuals and I like that you can switch between the three different themes.

Though, in the end, I still didn't entirely understand how the game worked :D (the tutorial wouldn't show up for me and I would always have my Newgrounds page crash when I reach zero points).

Despite those inconsistencies, I think this is a really nice try and the game has a lot of potential, you've clearly payed attention to details, as you had three different themes and changed the environment and curve trajectory according to it. Once you fix those bugs in the tutorial and the zero point moment and expand the game more, I think the game will have a lot of potential. If you see any discouraging comments on here, don't listen to them and realize, that you have made a polished game and just need to fix some small glitches so it will be playable for all the people on the portal ;^)

Keep up the good work! ^_^

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
11:34 AM EDT