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Paper Mario: Goombario's Quest Ep: 1

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So a new Paper Mario game, The Origami King, has been released... I want to give it a fair chance, but I already can't help noticing how flat--pun intended--all the minor characters feel compared to the old games. I guess that's why I felt it necessary to share this little animation on NG about some of the distinguished minor characters of PM64 which made the universe so special. (Which I also had a little fun sculpting as well). Anyway, here is a love letter to one of my all-time favorite childhood games.

I joined NG back in 2009 and began to slowly learn animation and submit things. Kinda surreal it's what I do for a living now aside from making stuff like this in my free time. It feels like only yesterday I saw work by the late Randy Solem, or araskin500 and pthouse's Bowser's Kingdom plastered on the FP. Those guys got me into animation to begin with and it's a shame we don't see anything on that scale anymore. I really miss how people used to go more in depth with the universe/characters of the source material.

Anyway, if this one does alright here, I'll start bringing future episodes to NG. You can see episode 2 right now: https://youtu.be/ujxRiXHxO1w

Special thanks to my friendos that came out of the woodwork to voice act for me when needed.

Follow me on twitter for updates about the series. Looking to get back into it this year and have ep. 3 by Halloween.

All music has been edited to avoid copyright or is an original arrangement by TheTwinscompositions

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Well, I guess this is a series that you ended up planning after a decade, no??

Holy shit this ended up actually becoming a thing after like almost a decade later?


Near perfect. Probably gonna see this on the front page.

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2020
12:58 AM EDT