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My current situation as an animator

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Maybe some of you may know it, maybe another won't, but I still inform you: A quarter of my videos have been disabled, with the probability of being deleted by pornhub, of course I'm not the only animator with this problem, but I can't do nothing at the moment, I just hope this is fixed over time.

Pornhub has been a good platform to upload this type of content and with the benefit of getting revenue from the parodys.

So I did not discredit this platform, but I also wanted to make a comedy video regarding this.

Anyways, enjoy and dont forget visit my anothers pages:




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Have no idea, sorry that it’s happening to you though (good animation though).

Denied, hehehe

The overused background music makes it even better for me

iv seen speculation that pornhub is going after anything that might included resemblance to underage characters but if that was the only reason then why are animators like derpixon getting all there stuff taken down also. many other artist have also talked about there stuff being targeted and its so weird and no one knows why. so i am guessing its one of two things. 1. its just a bunch of troll normies that dont want hentai/animators mixed in there regular porn. 2. pornhub is worried about getting into legal trouble for potentially hosting this content so rather then take it case by case they picked up the shotgun and just started pointing it in random directions catching others in the crossfire jut be safe. either way its just stupid if i can look up brother fucks retarded sister gets stuck under bed again or border line or just upfront rape role play then i should be able to jack off to my big titty hentai cartoons. but what can you do i hope you reupload all your taken animators on here.

NatekaPlace responds:

I hope so, thank you

That was rather adorable to watch, though I have to wonder why Pornhub is doing that. They've had plenty of parodies posted on their page before. Either way I loved what you did.