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The triple demon dance

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This was made for the milestone of 100 followers on twitter! Thank you for your support!

DISCLAIMER : I do not own the rights of the music and that belong to "Mittsies"!

Here is the original music :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnDXGQmCz3UThe music author

Check my twitter for more if it isn't done yet! I'll try to upload more here, little by little !

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The animation is good, don't get me wrong but, it's mostly ass twisting with the head still in the same place, as which in the actual game, has their head bopping back and fourth along with their little dance.

Though their movements are slightly off with the rhythem, but other than a few minor changes, it's still.. good?

Sayuridrawsthings responds:

Thanks for your feedback! It has been a good while I did that, and yeah, I would have done things differently now. It is a bit off timing, but damn, animation is hard :)


hmmmm, an interesting playful concept.
I think the way you choose to move through the different choices of out fit was alluring and interesting choice visually, especially the selective x ray moments.
I have seen some other similar pieces with Cerberus that had three distinct facial expressions, which can add a little more variety to a loop like this, but seeing how detailed you make things that might add more time then is worth it for you.
Along those lines, if you could also have the xray move through the figures at different times to provide more visual variation, but I like your choice to keep them so in sync as it is the nature of the characters.
Thank you for making this.

Animation nice... but the concept is broken in 2 places.

1st: The original dance is not "ass twisting, head in same place" - if you look at any chibi character, you'll see they are swinging their hips (without so much twisting their bootie), and their head bobs too.
2nd: Movement totally unrelated to the RHYTHM, so unlike the characters in the game.

Why A vladimir02 I thought full nudity was M and sex A Is there something I'm missing?

Sayuridrawsthings responds:

That's what I thought too, it is not shocking for a mature audience...I'm sure when you are over 17+, they saw more explicit stuff on Pornhub then what I did here haha So I think that is okay for Mature filter

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2020
7:37 PM EDT