Superverse 1

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Message: This is a fan Film for The DC Universe Fandome event and decided to turn it in a series for my spear time fantasy Covid 19 lock down Project. It is my version of the beloved DC Universe. In my version, the series begins with an explanatory continuation story. I based it from the opening scene inspired from the DC Universe online video game. In the opening scene of the video game, there was a future Lex Luthor; who went to the past and warn the heroes of Brainacs invasion and inform them to interact with exobytes to save the world. In my story however, the heroes of the past were able to save the world and return to their rightful era but at a high price. The cost of returning destroyed all multiverses leaving the new futuristic and present era which cannot be altered by flash points and multiverse creations. My continuation starts with the batman from the exobyte era made it back to the timeline where the future exobyte Lex Luthor was from; and at the moment where an unconscious and presumable dead superman and wonder woman were. Batman knowing Luthor’s plan to double cross Braniac and destroy the last known remaining earth made one last desperate move to save the planet by removing the kryptonite spear from superman. After superman was up, batman informed him of the dangers of what the crystal that Lex has can do to him. Superman realizes that he is the only one alive powerful and fast enough to through the crystal in a closing vortex to save the world, he decide to risk losing his powers to save the world . This he did without hesitation, as he rather be powerless forever and have a planet to live in with the rest of humanity than not to have any planet at all.As the years went by, most of the super heroes retired and thus this lead to the Beyond era. In my time line The kryptonian vortex crystal had de-powered superman and as a result he began to age like a regular human but at ridiculously slow pace, until he became a hundred years old under the Earth’s Yellow Sun.

 Notation : This is a FAN film made from the island of Jamaica, by Rojay Chambers using Macromedia Flash Professional version 8.

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