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Here it is, Ghostfinger!

I've been working on this one for a while, and I'm happy to finally post it up here for you all to see!

Alan is a regular kid but with a ghost for a finger! watch as they sneak into a halloween party!

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Youtube :https://www.youtube.com/user/birdhousecartoons

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Ghostfinger review:

Now, if I have to be positive here, I like the style. It's standard 1940's/1950's stuff, but the nostalgic thing for me is the ghost finger itself. It reminds me of The Mighty B, a Nickelodeon cartoon that I adored when I was a kid. The ghost finger acting as Alan's conscience reminded me of Bessie's finger friend. Also, the costumes Alan puts on are flippin' charming! The werewolf one most of all, reminds me of wolverines, which I love because it reminds me that little animals can be fierce as well as the... others.

Now for the negatives: The girl was pretty funny at first, but her calling Alan out for being insecure was uncalled for! She's all like: "I don't hang out with imaginary friends! Get some real friends, you doofus!" Then, the cartoon guilt-trips us and thinks we're supposed to take this at face value. Well, I don't. After Alan and the ghost finger win in the end, the girl takes off his werewolf mask (just kidding, Alan accidentally slips it off, because cheese!), but the best part of the entire cartoon shows up. I won't spoil it, but it's hilarious nonetheless.

Final thoughts: For your next cartoons, please make your characters less mean-spirited and don't guilt-trip your audience. This would have gotten four stars if the premise was a little different.

Ghostfinger Remastered! Alan is having a peaceful day with his imaginary friend, then they spot a flyer for Bessie's Halloween party. Alan and Ghosty try on a bunch of costumes until they decide on a wolverine costume. In the night, the owl is seen hooting The Seeker. Alan and Ghosty sleekly check-in with the bouncer. The kids will be in pop-culture reference and food costumes. Bessie holds a Halloween competition where the prize is a king-sized pack of N-and-Ns. Alan and Ghosty make it out with flying colors, with 5 games to win rather than two. Bessie hands over the king-sized pack to Alan, he opens it, attempts to devour it, but Ghost wants some too! Since he can't eat with his costume on, he takes it off to eats some N-and-N's, accidentally revealing himself in the process. Bessie notices Ghosty, and just when she's about to disqualify Alan for using Ghosty to his advantage, Ghosty scares Bessie off, and all the kids cheer for Alan and Ghosty. Finally, they have a dance party with the aforementioned owl still hooting the same song.

Leezone responds:

Now that was a long review!

Maybe I'll address it, I'm glad you liked it (or so it seems) The bully character is meant to be a bully, she isn't calling him out for being insecure, she is just repeating what all bullies do. She also has no idea about Alan's Ghostfinger as he goes invisible when she approaches.

I don't know when you felt the guilt trip, but it wasn't meant to make you feel guilty.

No promises on making the bully's less mean spirited.

I like your ideas for a remastered on but I dont think that the ending would pop as much if only 1 person was scared away and it ended with a dance party. 5 contests would be a lot more work a had originally planned for 3 but needed to cut down for time.

overall, I'm glad I made you feel something, and hopefully made you laugh a little bit with a few silly jokes and a nice payoff in the end.

Pretty fun short, but the voice acting's pretty mediocre (Espcially for the girl character)

Leezone responds:

Thanks! I'll practice my voice acting more.

Pretty well!

Huh... don't think about it too hard. It's more fun that way.

Fun short and sweet!

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2020
2:59 PM EDT