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Author Comments

It’s windy here, very windy, too windy and you found a broken fish cannon that doesn’t have a stop button. 

An adorable platformer game where you are a grumpy kitty being tormented by over-affectionate doggos. Shoot them & destroy their house with your Fish-Cannon-3000.

How To


Move with A,D

Jump with W and Space

Shoot with K or E


Move with Left Joystick

Jump with A or B

Shoot X or Y

People who made this game pawsible:

Deniz Cakmaz - Game Design & Programming - https://missingthemoon.itch.io/

Chumposaur - Programming - https://twitter.com/chumposaur

Chris Comb - Sound and Music - https://twitter.com/MisterComb

Aezylhazel - Art & Animation - https://www.instagram.com/aezylhazel/

Originally made in under 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. This is the updated versions.

If you play the game, do let us know your thoughts and feelings about it! Any feedback is appreciated to help us make the next game even better!

Have fun and thank you for playing :)

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wow! this game is a load of fun!!

why kill dog
0 star for kill dog
no kill dog
but seriously i feel like a horrible person now, like i just killed a minecraft dog, but worse.
ik this isn't constructive but BOOOOOOOOOOO

MissingTheMoon responds:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha Im sorry for making a game in which you can kill the dog. But as a cat you have to admit, the dog has to go!

The game is simple and good, I really like the pixel art style. However, I would polish certain mechanics, specially the water hitbox (can be longer than expected) and the speed/physics (it feels that the cat is flying instead of running sometimes).
Anyways, good job.

I love how the whole game is just a cat who took his asshole game to the next level. The dogs aren't even trying to hurt him, they just try to play with him and he shoots them. also the fish cannon has a great feel to it, firing exclusively in large bursts and pushing you back make it a very clumsy but versatile tool. I would love to play a full game with this mechanic as it's core, just maybe making the wind a short part of it as, although it works well with the fish cannon, it could get old fast.

MissingTheMoon responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

art is pretty good. Music is okay. Sounds are typical but not bad.

The idea isn't anything new, and I feel like there's a lot of stuff to think about here. The fact that the player is never able to go left in theory should be okay, but in reality it's oftentimes annoying - especially since in the second level the player can literally get blocked by the dogs...

Instant death from water is awful and annoying, the big jumps in level 2 require too much precision - if you're aiming for the gameplay that's supposed to be fast-paced and dynamic, don't put so much tightness in the game.

Also, the gravity feels odd, is it just me?

Could become a pretty good game with more time spent on the design.

MissingTheMoon responds:

Thank you this is really constructive and helpful! I like that you took your time for this and gave me candid feedback! Not many do this, but I really appreciate it.

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2020
6:01 AM EDT
  • Unity