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Ex4ce Beginnings

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- Use your MOUSE or any other pointing device to move.

- CLICK AND HOLD to shoot the main weapon, missiles and bots. Everything can be upgraded for a game currency price.

- DOUBLE CLICK [ 2x click ] to shoot the "Big Lazor". Quickly clear out patches of baddies and bullets with this escape nasty situations game mechanic.

Support the game on itch.io, any share w / e helps. Got no ads rev nothing besides player support.

Please and thank yous!

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Hmm, I'm in two minds about this game.

On one hand, the actual gameplay is really cool with excellent effects, graphics and exciting gameplay. Love to fly around blowing the heck out of stuff and dodging all of the interesting bullet patterns, and its fun to get more and more upgraded. It's just so juicy and explosive! It is a bit annoying to deal with the controls, however, where your mouse can easily leave the screen and cause you to lose control: would really prefer you lock the mouse into the game screen.

On the other hand, the menus and text outside of the gameplay are painfully static and boring in comparison. The text is difficult to read with its odd font and bright highlights on a bright background, and I don't know how to interpret that word dump in the beginning. The ending screen for a level is really dull with just text that isn't stylized in any way to help the results be more readable. The menus and buttons aren't animated in any way, and upgrading is an annoying process where, instead of just clicking on the segment of the bar and seeing it light up, you have to click on the bar, go to another pop-up to confirm the upgrade, and then go back (repeat over and over for multiple upgrades to the same power), and there's no exciting sound or light-up to make you feel like you've gotten more powerful. Would love to see the balance restored between menus and gameplay: both should be exciting to make the experience equally great!

Really love the game. One minor gripe is the enemy bullets are green and the background is also greenish. For my eyes its kind of hard to see. Outlining them with a brighter color might help if they still need to be green.

What is the name of the 2 songs? Music reminds me of the old days playing Super Robot Wars W, J, and D.

It is a reallyinteresting concept, though i felt like my ship was over ice, and i think the screen is too narrow, there is no much space to scape from all the bullets, the music and visual design are spot on, it realy looks good.
keep up the good work

really nice
its a bit hard to play if the game is larger than the player's screen tough pushing F11 heklps a bit

cp99 responds:

It's a good point you're raising, I tried keeping it lowest 720p monitors. What else I've learned from the screen size feedback is to handle pointer input from outside the game canvas, or as some suggested make the game canvas larger for non-mobile browsers (to receive mouse input) and center it. The comunity has great ideas to share. I would be also interested in finding out what you guys think the best non-ads driven monetization technique would be? If most of the player base would donate a few cents it would cover for the assets and dev time. Maybe later on if Web Monetization catches up :)

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3.65 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2020
10:46 PM EDT