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Stress, Misery & Fatigue Simulator

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It's a bit confusing so hear me out.

You can press SPACEBAR to interrupt her (or click on her). Do this when her eyes are fully open or blinking(usually after thinking in place for a bit) and you'll have a window of time where you can tell her where to go, if you click on any task in the screen.


You need to get working, quick! One project for class, one deadline for work, both before the end of the week. Can you do it without completely avoiding the problem like the normal person you are? Or will you go crazy and lose control trying to do everything?

This game was based on mixed personal experiences over several years. Exaggerated as i never had it this bad, not by a long shot, but it was funny to think about.

Made for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam, with the theme "Out of Control".

Music by the wonderful Bauti777!

Helped by the great Porcongo and Nico!

Hope you like it! <3

extra notes as of 16/7/20

I am really, really proud of this little game, actually.Makes me happy to read comments of people who relate to it. I think it conveys what i had in mind- and maybe some of you can relate too. Hope you find it interesting. It's certainly not a fun game, hahahah, it's made to frustrate you.

It can have some issues as it was ported to HTML5, please tell me if you seem to find one!

if you like it you can download it here!


I am preeeeetty sure fullscreen doesn't work. However i'll leave it there if it does work for someone else! I have hope.

I still need to learn to do HTML5 stuff.

As the game wasn't made from the ground up to be playable in phones, text may look tiny. However you *can* play it on a phone, i made it so you can tap on her to interrupt her too.

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