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Only One Tower

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Only One Tower!

A tower defense where you play with only one tower!

The forces of good are closing into your lands. You, Lord Saurnot, can't have that!

Don't let them get past or let their cannons hit you. Kick them off your lawn!


This is a game that was made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2019 jam, with the theme "Only One".

I had a hard time porting it to HTML5, but i tried!

Btw do tell me if you beat it in Evil difficulty!

If you like it, consider downloading the executable from Itch.Io!

It's got particles, runs faster, has pause and fullscreen. Working fullscreen! We live in modern times, people.

Known issues: Fullscreen doesn't work for me. Try it if you can, and please do tell me if it works! If it doesn't work for anyone i'll just take it out, but i have hope.

Sometimes the bomb tower dreams of a world of peace and stops attacking. However that's easily circumvented by changing and going back to the bomb tower again.

SPOILERS- it's better if you see them yourself and experiment how to kill'em, but in case you can't!


Normal- Damages closest enemy.

Fire- Tries to set aflame enemies. Enemies on fire receive a damage bonus!

Bomb- Barely damages enemies, however can one hit kill some. Big radius.


Soldier- Easy to dispatch with normal tower. Can catch fire. Immune to bombs.

Scout- Runs fast, Easier to dispatch with bombs. Immune to fire.

Ent- Slow. Catches fire like wood. Tough.

Hypogriff- Fast, Flies. Immune to bombs, kill it normally or with fire.

Knight- Bomb it first, then kill it normally. Immune to fire.

Artillery- Avoid its attacks or you will die. Catches fire easily.

King- Fire interrupts its attacks. A must, because you need the damage multiplier of the fire to kill it.

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Really cool an innovative!

It's got a flow that makes me wanna compare it to a rhythm game. I didn't finish but I could see how getting good at this game could be an adrenaline rush of accomplishment.


I don't know how I got here. I click a thing and now I'm playing a game. The good thing is that it is a great game with a mechanic that I love. Sure I was pretty confused at the beginning but I figure it out rather quickly.

Stopsignal responds:

Awh man, thank you so much!! I'm really surprised with the reaction the game got here, makes me really happy :)

It's a little janky. Like it's quite hard to tell enemy hp when it's so small and everything blends together, and the way it suddenly cuts to the ending.

That said, this was really good. Once the cannon guy got introduced and enemies started to cut lanes, it became brilliant. Having the boss fire a projectile at the tower was also a really interesting twist. The game became very tense at the end.

With that said, I do have some nitpicks. Again, the sudden cut at the end felt like a letdown, going from a tense environment to just suddenly a "you win" screen.

Another thing was it's quite hard to understand some stuff, I still have no idea how the bomb tower works, other than that I think you're meant to use it in small bursts. Then some enemies I wasn't really sure why I wasn't damaging them, like if I were doing something wrong or if the tower type simply didn't damage them. The game could do a lot to better convey this sort of thing.

Just noticed now the description "Bomb- Barely damages enemies, however can one hit kill some. Big radius." I find that really intuitive, since u'know, you'd expect a bomb to do a lot of damage.

Lastly, the continuous nature of the game was kinda exhausting. I'm sure that's something you want to a degree, but I think dividing it slightly would help the experience. If there are pauses already, have them feel like breaks rather than the game just being easy, even just some small indicator.

Again though, overall, great.

Stopsignal responds:

YES thanks, in depth reviews are always awesome and really helpful.
The sudden cut really sucks, i agree. In the downloaded version the screen starts to shake quite a bunch and it makes a bit more sense (though i think it should have a bit more, maybe make the units run away or something) but i had to cut the shaking because of HTML5 issues. Couldn't get it working again!

The bomb tower is also bugged and i have no idea why, as i checked the code. It suddenly stops attacking.
I absolutely should make some kind of effect to convey how armored enemies take no damage from bombs. It was even worse in the jam version- it slowed enemies and showed the hp bar, yet didn't damage them, which absolutely confused players. That was a learning experience!

It is really exhausting, specially the latter difficulties. I do actually like this, however! I mean, it is a 10 minute affair, a one and done thing, so i think it's fine.
Thanks a lot for the critique! this is really helpful. I want to give another go at this some day (i love tower defenses) and this helps a lot :)

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3.87 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2020
6:27 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 18, 2020