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Space Cat: The Search For Food

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Space Cat: The Search For Food is the first video game I've ever created in Unity! It's a small arcade game made in 4 days where you move along a horizontal axis and collect food and stars while avoiding rocks. The game obviously isn't the most polished or professional, but it's a good start with hopefully more to come!

Please leave constructive feedback, don't feel afraid to give your real opinion!

Version 1.1: Fixed a few bugs and raised the RAM limit (it should stop stuttering now)

The game was created by me, popcar2.

The art was created by my friend, Adham.

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An in-site score board would rock.

I think the game is quite slow in the beginning, i.e. it's very simple to avoid the rocks and collect all fish, but then it rapidly gets faster and more difficult, and I'd say eventually you get to a point when it might not be possible to *both* avoid all rocks and collect all food onscreen. I died after letting too much food pass by in the span of ~2 seconds, because the food was also being somewhat blocked by rocks.
I don't know the solution to this, but from my point of view, the slow build-up is the more important problem (it's common in arcades to get to the 'humanely impossible' bit, but the game should be fun and engaging from the beginning). You could try adding a little more variety, perhaps powerups; just to give the player something more to do. For example temporarily slowed-down time, a shield (which you can use to crash through rocks), a magnet for nearby collectibles, etc.
All in all, getting and maintaining a high multiplier is more important for your score than being able to last for a long time – but that's perhaps a good thing.

popcar1 responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Your review was very valuable! I'll try making it faster at the start and accommodate for it by slowing down the rate of change. I realize the game eventually becomes impossible but I can't think of a better alternative that isn't a timer. If a round isn't 1-2 minutes long people would just get bored fairly quickly.

It's a decent game, just very repetitive. Would recommend adding a store to buy different backgrounds or different cats.

popcar1 responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2020
4:51 PM EDT