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APP MAN Episode 2 - LEGO Animation

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Episode 2 - The Lost Son

Adam reunites with his long lost brother, Andrew. Together, they must fight against Bufferman and the Glitchers, his henchmen.

This was made back in 2016 and I do feel it very much reflects the quality and style of my films at that time. Over the 4 years that have passed, I feel I have developed a lot, in terms of storytelling, writing, animation, cinematography and editing, however, I do consider the APP MAN series as the start of a major chapter in my animation career, that has helped lead me to where I am today.

One of the main things that really bugged me about this and many of my older films, looking back at them, was the poor sound design - some parts were so loud, whilst other parts were comparatively too quiet (plus my choices for sound effects sucked!) However, I am using this new upload to Newgrounds, as an opportunity to start the sound design from scratch, giving my earlier films a brand new audio mix, replacing a lot of the old sound effects and adding a load more.

With all that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to releasing more of my films throughout the next few months!

Music By Machinimasound Bensound.

"Oops!... I did it Again" By Britney Spears.

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5 stars for having Britney Spears song in your video and for spelling her name correctly!