factory farming

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Bahahaha... to bad that i didn’t watched this earlier...
That voice of that of him and his pronunciation maked me laugh... :^)
(Well..., i understand German perfectly ( because i‘m from Germany)
Not bad on that !
(Um ehrlich zu sein, die Betonung, sowohl die Darstellung, erinnert mich ziemlich an die Serie: South Park. Kombiniert mit der Vorführung: Die Sendung mit der Maus.)
Ansonsten garnicht mal so schlecht! :^)

Koray98 responds:

haha dankeschön. Ja ich wollte daraus auch so art eine "Kindersendung" machen. Alles sarkastisch und mit schwarzem Humor, weil Leute sich dann eher denken " Was stimmt hier nicht?" And die Sendung mit der Maus habe ich nicht speziel gedacht aber hast recht, ist schon ähnlich :D

I really liked the voice over! The Intonation really got me laugh!
Maybe because I am Dutch it makes even more sense :P

You made this real life absurdity visible in a accessible dark humor way...
It's a bit like Animal Farm COVID1984 (Andere Krant) by George Orwell.

Koray98 responds:

Haha thanks Technopauluz. At least someone could understand this movie :D And yeah i now this Book. And i thought about George Orwell while i drew this

Humans are monsters.

Koray98 responds:

Yes we are :(

This could really use some subtitles, even if the idea is clear and trascends languages. Otherwise, the jokes can't be appreciated by most here.

Koray98 responds:

Yes youre right. :( But there are no joke tbh

Hey, drawings are great, but we can't rate much if we can't get what's being said. I mean, surely in this case we can get the general message, lol, but some subtitles would be nice.

Koray98 responds:

Thanks Edeshye. Yes youre right. Back than i made animations in english, but right now i only made animations in german on Youtube. But i will made english movies again soon