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Dark Maze

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Author Comments

You're a lamp looking for light in the dark. Collect matches and avoid strong winds to keep your flame burning while searching for the way through this Dark Maze.

This game was made as a final project for a course in game design in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Play with arrow keys on the keyboard or with a gamepad.

Alt+Enter or F11 to toggle fullscreen.


  • Shahar Korren - Development and Sound
  • Joe Benharrosh - Art Direction and Graphics
  • Avital Kronfeld - Level Design and Graphics

Guidance - Renard Gluzman

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I am voting this up because it is a great idea for a game - I would like to move a bit faster tho

Hey guys, not a bad little project.

-Nice concept
-Simple and easy to play
-Always good to have a main menu (too may games just start)
-Graphics are not exceptional, but I am old school and prefer this style

-Starting light is too small. As a test I allowed myself to lose all my light except for the starting amount. However game is unplayable as you cannot see dangers. When you are close enough to "see" them, game over.
-Sound effects are a bit basic.

Enjoyable little project. Worth having a go. Better than a lot of submissions, this is actually a playable game.
The main reason I havent scored you more than 3 stars is because you have a lot of room to develop and improve the game.
Nice job!

Nice but boring :/

Overall, it's a nice game. And I like the gamepad and fullscreen support.

– Starting a level is quite underwhelming. Most of the screen is black, and you see only very little. Especially for people starting the game for the first time, it might be off-putting. If you get hit, you'll see essentially nothing.
(Perhaps add a mid-layer of 50% grey, or a transition, so there's bad visibility, but at least some visibility? Perhaps the walls could be seen in the grey circular area, but not enemies.)
– I'd play the "wind" noise only when the player is actually pretty close (that way, it could also warn you about enemies)
– Being hit teleports you back to a safe zone. Sometimes this can be confusing (especially if you can't see well). I'd honestly prefer temporary invincibility instead.
– Using items to help you is a great idea. E.g. the gas canister in one of the levels. The first time, I thought it's only meant to illuminate the level (and waited too long, until it extinguished itself), but it actually protects you. It probably should have some sort of timer onscreen when you activate it.

I understand limited visibility is an important part of this game, but I feel the game was sometimes tedious – e.g. in every level until you find the first two or so matches. And being reduced to almost-death means you have almost no time to react to incoming enemies, so you'll probably die anyway.
Anyway, those are my two cents. I definitely liked it, though, for the most part.

Everything was fine until the room with death everywhere and a timed-out illumination.

And why can't you accumulate more than four torches? Seems arbitrary.

BrainDigger responds:

Maybe we should work on the clarity - But the gas canister gives you temporary invincibility. The room is deliberately impossible to beat without it. We were trying to teach you that.

The maximum of four matches is tied to how much you can see without using the gas canister. We don't want the player to just mindlessly collect matches to increase their range of sight infinitely. That would dumb down the experience too much.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2020
2:06 PM EDT
  • Godot Engine