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Sleep Mode

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This game was made in 48 hours for the 2020 GMTK Game Jam. The theme was "Out of Control". In this game, your player is a robot in sleep mode, aimlessly drifting forwards. You can't control your player. Instead, you need to use the enemies to guide your player to the end goal.

Itch.io link: https://curruff.itch.io/sleep-mode

I'll be adding more to this soon, but for now, there's only 10 (pretty basic) levels.

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This is amazing!! Such an interesting new concept! Challenging and fun!


Challenging but such a awesome game

Mmm, as a fan of Gyromite and other escort type games, I really want to like this game, and I do somewhat, but in its current state its a bit too frustrating to play. The fact that so much of the gameplay hinges on you having to move enemies that you can't see to press buttons you can't see, while synchronizing movements with other enemies you can't see, is a recipe for confusion and ultimately frustration. I think it's a neat idea and I'd like to see more, but something needs to be done to help the player always see the elements and information they need to figure out a solution, whether it being stuff like zooming out the camera so you can see everything, compacting the levels so elements are closer, slowing down the player movement so you have more time to make decisions, etc.

To all the people who say it's bad because you can't control 1 at a time, just think about how tedious that would be. Kinda missing the point of the game there. I think this concept has a lot of potential granted that the new levels aren't those grindy things where it's all about pixel perfect landing so 1 of your bots don't die, or perfect timing so that you don't kill the main one.