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Author Comments


  • For best results, use a mouse, not a trackerpad.
  • You can zoom in and out using browser options if you want the game window a different size.
  • There are eight levels in total.
  • The game should take a new player about an hour.
  • You can hold down the left mouse button to leave trails of sparkles. This has no gameplay effect, but I think it looks pretty.
  • Level names describe the matrices used to transform your input, not the transformation itself. I know it's dumb that diagonal matrices never move you diagonally, but I'm sorry to say that's how the relevant math works.

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Very fun! Why was this not frontpaged?

An interesting take on linear algebra (but without requiring the player to have any technical knowledge). It is fun and challenging!
The final part of the finale is ... interesting. I would have put it in the second last level as an interlude, but this is just personal preference.

A cute 'lil idea, though it mostly just showed me that my hands are very, very shaky. It's pretty neat what kinda stuff math can do, at least, and maybe this game's ideas can be used in a larger project someday.

super fun my dude

It's a great game.
I've been meaning to ask about the technical aspects of this game, but then I saw the answer is provided in the comments (and in fact, on the screen the entire time). From the standpoint of a CG student, that's impressive, and a pretty original puzzle game.
I'd reorder some of the later levels based on their difficulty – I think both symmetric and singular levels are easier than those who came right before (diagonal and rotational, I believe).

When writing this review immediately after finishing the game, I caught myself confused as to why pressing right arrow doesn't move the I-cursor to the left, so thanks for that. In fact, you should probably load an FPS game right after the finale, just so the player can see how dizzy they really are.

Thank you for leaving the grey guides in the game, they were very helpful especially in the "rotational" levels when I started paying attention and noticed how the cursor moves.
I'm glad there was nothing like a timer or blocks which you can only touch once, although if you wanted to add extra-challenging levels one day, those would certainly be ideas to consider.

I thought I'd have a hard time deciding between 4 and 5 stars, but then again, I don't see a way how you could improve this further (perhaps consider adding Newgrounds medals, if you can) – and the very end of the finale was just perfect.

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2020
11:36 AM EDT