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Block Rush

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5x Block Combo 5 Points

Hit 5 floating blocks before you touch the ground!

Top Of The World 5 Points

Jump out of the top of the screen without dying!

Double-Up 10 Points

Collect two modifiers before you touch the ground!

One Leg Stand 10 Points

Survive long enough for a wall to crumble...

Fort 25 Points

Get yourself stuck so you have to commit suicide. Oops.

No Leg Stand 25 Points

Survive long enough for both walls to crumble!

Lava Rush Master 50 Points

Make the level shift 6+ times before the lava rush ends!

Author Comments


Scores no longer allow duplicate names to prevent some board clearing that was occurring. Wouldn't be a big issue if there were lots of players, but as that isn't the case it was too easy for one person to flood the top ranks.


This was something I whipped up in about a week to learn the Godot engine.

It is pretty rough around the edges and the audio / music was also done by me so it is... less than ideal. Tried my best. :P (If you want to contribute a better audio track under MIT I would be happy to use it and throw your name on the main menu!)


Jump and dash around the level to get as high as you can! Blocks will fall from the ceiling while deadly lava rises from the bottom. Dashing into blocks mid-air will raise your combo, solidify the block in-place, and give you an extra jump! How high can you get before you get squashed or fall into lava?

It starts simple with falling blocks but the higher you get the more complex things become. This game is intended to be a hard-core arcade game that takes a lot of practice to get good at.


Use the arrow keys to move and backspace / del. to commit suicide if you get stuck. For more info on how the game works you can run through the included tutorial.


This is my first game ever on Newgrounds and I didn't specifically design it for Newgrounds. As such the global high-score board is stored on my own server rather than Newgrounds.

In terms of the 3rd party scoreboard, no data is collected other than 1) your account (or guest) name if you achieve a high-score and 2) the score you achieved.

Also, I am still working on this on occasion so if you come across issues, have a feature idea, or think something should be changed then let me know!


Latest Update [December 16, 2022]:

Bumped the version to 1.0.6. Changes this version:

  • Updated some back-end stuff & bumped highscore API version to v2
  • Logged-in users will now record highscores w/ their full account names
  • Non-logged in users can type in names up to 24 characters
  • Non-logged in users' scores will have a * by their name
  • Updated highscore layout to display a bit more info
  • Highscores are now top-10 instead of top 5.

P.S., still haven't seen any scores in the "Extreme Mode" difficulty. Think you can unlock it?

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I like the strategy of this game I do feel like more understanding of how its played the tutorial option is nice but would like more improved navigation and improved graphics Here was a pretty nifty game It has a style that was differant and unique also if you ask me this was pretty fantastic with everything that was showed and such as well as everything you can do inter-activily was top notch, I really got hooked on this for everything you brought to the game, Nice puzzle game


Really impressive graphics and some cool mechanics. Some cons though are that 1: The beginning is very slow due to having to wait till all the blocks fall down and what not. And 2: I dont really like how your player gets "stunned" after hitting a wall or I think also being in the air for too long. When you get stunned you cant move at all and have to wait till you touch another ground block.

If you happen to update this again, maybe add some QoL improvements like being stunned for a temporary amount of time or making the blocks fall faster at the beginning.

Overall, this is a solid game.

OMG This is Impressive Thanks for the Neat Comment on My Game

Hi, I have played a few rounds. I am not very good at this.
I have a few things in mind:

1. Like the simple art style.

2. It is nice to have a leaderboard (btw, I got 179), it motivates me to play a few more rounds.

3. The lose condition is not very clear. The shape of the wave makes it hard to get the exact lava level. For most games (e.g. platformer) this does not matter, but for a game that requires precision, it is better to have some sort of indicators.

4. After starting the game, there is nothing to do for the first few seconds, because the player has to wait until the blocks are near the grounds. This is ... a bit boring, especially for a game that is supposed to be played multiple times.

5. Sometimes it is quite frustrating to play. If the "character" hit a wall/jump then stay, the player has no control over the "character" until it hits the ground. Will you consider some ways to recover? (e.g. Still able to press the down button to go down faster)

[EDIT 14 July]
I have tried playing after the update. It is much better because the player has more control over the game. Even though I am not very good at this game (I got stuck easily), it is still fun to play with.

Xzontar responds:

Thank you for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

#3. Perhaps I could add an extra indicator of sorts. Maybe a line could appear or something similar once you are in the lava. Thank you much.

#4. & #5. I will come up with something for the next update, #5 especially as you aren't the first to mention that one.

Cheers, mate!

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2020
11:28 PM EDT
  • Godot Engine
  • Gimp