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The never-ending Nightmare

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Author Comments

The never-ending Nightmare is a riddle game, where you have to escape from your nightmare.

You must travel through a labyrinth and find the exit, but it´s not easy. There are many secrets you need to find,

in order to pass through and complete the game.


Arrows - Move

Enter - Interact with Objects/Switches

X - Menu/Exit Menu

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Seems like i´m the only one who completed it. LMAO you all suck.

I can say that I made it through the first maze, but I didn't find much after that to hold my interest. There may be more to this game, but if there is, it is hidden behind a patience wall. (Unending mazes may just not be my jam.)

Aside from getting to the top of the first map, i.e., where you see there is no more maze to the north, I didn't really get a sense of progression. It'd be nice to see some reward between maps. It doesn't have to be a new gadget or anything that helps to navigate the maze, but perhaps some narrative that explains how the character got stuck in the maze and a reason to want to get out. Give the player a reason to want to put in the effort to keep playing. Without something like that, I can see most players giving up without having experienced 25% of what you've spent you time to create.

Since the game that I played had simple mechanics (again, I may not have invested enough time to find more), I did want to comment on the sound. The ebb and flow of the background music didn't fit the maze for me. The music is too dynamic and classes with the monotony of the maze. A shorter, simpler soundtrack (closer to the 8-bit or 16-bit era) that repeats into itself without a clear break would help a bit too as I found the opening fanfare to be grating after the second loop.

EmpressNero responds:

First of all, thanks for your review. There are a few things i want to clarify though. The whole point of the game is simply to get through the mazes, but they are intentionally designed to be frustrating and overly complicated. The background music also is just to annoy and frustrate the player.

The whole game is meant to be a challenge. Basically: "Can you endure the mazes and music until the end of the game or will you lose your sanity before and give up." The whole game is meant to be a challenge. That only the most hardcore gamers will beat. Atleast that´s our intention behind the game. Also there is quite a lot of story in this game, but most of the story is in the middle to end of the game. That´s why you haven´t seen any of the story. There are 7 Mazes in total and the story really starts at Maze 3 and reaches its climax in Mazes 6 and 7.

But i can understand your opinion. Maybe we should make it more clear that the game is intentionally that way and add some plot to the beginning. So yeah, thanks a lot for your in-depth review. It really helps us out.

how many levels is on this?? I've been playing for almost 20 minutes and am only on the third labyrinth. my head is starting to hurt.

DivineLightXIX responds:

7 Labyrinths in total

The greatest umu ever made

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2020
7:03 AM EDT