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Rescue in Faraway Fields

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Faraway Fields is in danger! Your friend has been kidnapped by robots and strange metal boxes are popping up through the whole forest, turning all the animals angry! You're Goph, a chummy groundhog who will find his way through rabid birds, deadly robots and perilous jumps armed with nothing but rocks.

Gato D and Mesmerize Games proudly present Rescue in Faraway Fields, a challenging, cute retro-styled arcade platformer with up to 12 levels and 3 difficulty levels.

Default Control Scheme:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Z jumps
  • X throws a rock
  • P for pause

© Gato D, 2009

© Mesmerize Games, 2017

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Nice game. I love the NES style graphics and the simple yet fun gameplay. Great job!

Really charming retro game! Feel like it really nailed both the retro style in terms of graphics, sound, music and gameplay for an all-together solid package. The gameplay is nice and fun, though I did feel like it was too simple and easy at times where you could just go forward and throw rocks at everything (maybe rock throwing shouldn't even be a thing so you can have to skillfully jump over and avoid enemies instead?) I did eat my words when the challenge ramped up and I got crushed by a boulder later on, haha. I'm not sure what the purpose of the whole slot machine is, but I do like the game allows you to speed things up and advance through text and such by hitting buttons, so thanks for that. Wish the game saved since I got really far but had to temporarily stop: I'll try and get back to finish it!

EDIT: Made it through and had a great time (didn't even need the debug tools to skip)! Gotta admit, I sure ate my words calling the game easy: level 12 is going to be in my nightmares for some time, haha. Definitely a very nicely done game: the polish is something else. I did have beef with the apples though: not sure if it's intended, but if you get an apple in a level and then die, the dragonfly doesn't come back so you will forever have missed the apple, argh!

gatod responds:

Thank you! The slot machine was a very, very hasty addition because I added some powerups but didn't want to change the gameplay too much hahaha there's an option to disable them if you like! Alongside other stuff like giving yourself more starting lives and continues, disabling the "do you want to skip this stage?" screen and sother stuff. If you really, really want to play through any level at any moment you can press F1 while the game's on the boot screen until you hear the "perfect!" sound, then go to the service menu and select the level on the "get ready" screen. Just don't go for it before you've properly completed one game loop tough, otherwise you'll spoil the fun! Thank you for playing :)

It doesn't look like there's a save system, so that might be worth mentioning

Its an explotion of nostalgia with all the goos stuff from the old era, really good game

gatod responds:

I don't know if you meant "explosion" or "exploitation" but thank you regardless haha

I was trying to make a game that featured everything "bad" about old games but somehow also captured what made those games fun to play. Thanks for playing! Hope you had fun

Very Good!

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
7:40 PM EDT
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  • Aseprite
  • GameMaker Studio 1