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Bullet Hell Maker v0.4

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Bullet Hell Maker is a classic bullet hell game where you fight evil aliens searching for the most powerful weapons in the galaxy. Cleared levels can be edited. This is an useful option if you want to change its difficulty, or if you are looking for some inspiration in its code because you are free to create your own levels by designing the enemy's weapons! Sharing levels is very easy as their data is stored in a single line of text!

This game is still under development, new features will be added.


  • move with mouse or arrow/WASD keys (select a mode in the menu)
  • left mouse button or B: use bomb item
  • shift: move slower (in keyboard mode only)
  • space: pause game
  • R: reset level
  • escape: quit to menu

Chrome is the recommended browser for playing this game. Firefox works fine but it seems to have FPS issues sometimes. Internet Explorer still has bugs and should be avoided.

v0.4 update:


  • The editor's UI has been improved with a new layout of properties.
  • The test level's background now contains a grid.

New attack properties:

  • Enemy's movement mode. This makes the enemy move while attacking.
  • Sound played when the bullets are fired. The number of available sounds has been increased from 3 to 13. The "mute" option has been replaced with a "none" option in the sounds list, this does not affect levels made in the older versions of the game.
  • Next attack based on the enemy's health. Usually in bullet hell games, the bosses perform stronger attacks when their health is low. This property is a list of attacks. If the list contains 2 attacks, the first one is used if the enemy's health is over 50% and the second one if the health is 50% or less. If the list contains 3 attacks, the health thresholds are 100% / 66.6% / 33.3%, and so on.
  • Random bullet size
  • Growing/shrinking bullets
  • Bullet's acceleration
  • Bullet's gravity force
  • Increase/decrease bullet size while the attack is repeated
  • Increase/decrease bullet speed while the attack is repeated
  • Secondary triggered attack
  • Item immunity. If enabled, the bullets are not affected by the player's bomb.
  • 1 new bullet image (electric) and 1 new bullet color (grey). There are now 180 available bullets.


  • Press the left mouse button or the B key to use a bomb. Each player can use it only once in a game. The bomb inflicts 50 damage to bullets and 25 damage to the enemy, and it destroys bullets that do not have a set health. This doesn't affect bullets that have the item immunity.
  • 8 new levels and their hard counterparts.
  • 4 new enemies and game backgrounds have been added to the game: stone, water, plant and fire elementals.
  • The enemies have more health in hard mode.
  • In 2-players mode, when the enemy starts aiming at a player, a target icon appears over them.
  • It is now possible to earn 3 stars in all the levels. New challenges have been added: "100-hits combo", "Do not use any item", "Destroy X enemy bullets".


  • The level buttons now open a new window that shows some information about the level.
  • The french language has been added in the options. Le jeu est maintenant disponible en fran├žais !

There will be another update after this one because I still have a few ideas for this project.

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I built a reverberating shot that would start small, then grow while it was behind the player and slowly accelerate back towards the boss. With a second and a half between shots, it created quite a tricky pattern to weave in between. Could definitely see myself tinkering around a bit more with this.

Gameplay is solid, no complaints. I have found no glitches. Graphics are mediocre. Audio is a bit annoying, the constant shooting sound effects assault the ears of the player and there is no music. This game is a good time killer. About the level editing part... you lose most stars here, it is a mess, it's the opposite of user friendly. Nobody is going to bother making levels. I'd say it's even more complicated than making your own bullet hell game with game maker or similar software. Make it a lot simpler.

i hope this gets saved

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
11:44 AM EDT

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