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The Last Flash RPG

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Author Comments

This is a turn-based RPG gladiator game intended as a tribute for classic Flash RPGs, Swords & Sandals in particular.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this!

ValiantFIN responds:

Thank you! I’m planning to make a sequel with a new game engine since Flash is now officially dead. The new game will be 3D so no more crappy hand drawn graphics :D

Don't let the other comments discourage you. its a fine little project to build on in the future. i can see what you're going for and you're on the right track. it just needs some more features.
I would suggest teaming up with others where everyone could focus on different things. a lot of the best flash games were the result of cooperation of programmers artists and sound designers.

For one the visuals are quite lacking, animation limited, even compared to the old swords and sandal games which are over 10 years old at this point.
The lack of any music and the amount of sound effects as well. a hallmark of the old swords and sandals games was how many interesting sounds it had, the blacksmith hammering, the grunts when jumping and getting hit, the ambient noise of the crowd in the main street.

also numbers, a sense of how much health the player and the enemy gladiator have or the stats of the enemies for a sense of progression. maybe a box explaining what stats like agility actually do. a good damage formula is paramount for any rpg. the plague doctor and shady merchant were a very original and interesting addition.

maybe check out some other gladiator based flash games like sands of the coliseum for inspiration or the indie game domina for inspiration. and if you'd like to pursue game development, even just as a hobby, maybe give some better engines to program the games.

i hear itch.io is a good place for new indie devs to get their start. im sure there are many tutorials and guides to further your skills. also reaching out on discord servers for indie dev programmers might help you learn new things and solve some hurdles you have troubles overcoming. in any case, i wish you luck in your further development pursuits <3

ValiantFIN responds:

Thanks for the kind words! I've realized that Newgrounds is not the ideal platform to share your games since the website is pretty much dead. However, I felt like Flash deserved a proper goodbye from me, so I decided to make one last game before I ditch it once and for all.

I have to admit that I didn't spend much time making this and many improvements could have been made but my goal never was to create anything too impressive. It was a personal project.

The reason why I uploaded it was to create a sense of nostalgia for the player, hence the out-dated dodgy art style. I wanted to recreate that feeling when you played these old Flash RPG games at the time when they were common, not an impressive RPG game :)

Swords and Sandals, but worse. No thanks.

Not horrendous, but it's got a long way to go before it's any good.

ValiantFIN responds:

Maybe you can tell me how can it be improved? :)

but still nice play
very nostalgic for good ol swords and sandals

I got stuck, we both regenerate health faster than it can be delivered.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
9:49 AM EDT
  • Flash CS4