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Author Comments

Slimoban is a variation of sokoban with slimes. But besides the boxes that you need to move, there are also monsters you can escape from or destroy with a fireball or by throwing them into the water. There are three types of slimes in the game: the green ones just stand still, they cannot be destroyed with a fireball, but they can be pushed into the water. Blue slimes chase the main character and they can be destroyed with a fireball and thrown into the water just like the green ones. Red slimes chase you and they can only be pushed in the water.

Fireballs can also move blocks. If blocks fall into the water they destroy both the water and themselves. Some slimes do the same, others just get drowned. Fireball magic bottles and keys can sink as well.

The game has 30 levels.

Movings - arrows, WASD, screen buttons

Idle - space, idle button.

Shoot - click/tap.

Walkthough for first 22 levels: https://youtu.be/lVgAt4cFXeg


slime movement after droping in water and for 3 or more slimes in line.

added loading levels in preloader

fixed crushing for browser with invisible mode

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Not bad, only real complaint (other than a need for an undo move button) is that the puzzles can become too complex, but is that really a complaint for a puzzle game? to put it another way, the puzzles are built so that every single one has an "almost right" fail, and it is not until the player retries the same answer 20ish times that they finally realize they are barking up the wrong tree. When the puzzle attempt gets so close to success, it becomes hard to realize you are going at it from the wrong angle. for example, a puzzle shouldnt have a route that gets as far as unlocking the (last) door before the impossibility of the route becomes clear (a bit of hyperbole, but 18 got close, with the only difference being that i just missed a step).

The game have potential. Would be great if this game have added another level. Problem solving task is there , complicated mechanic is there. Game is not a troll. However, would be great if there is more level i have to get rid of half star because it is simply not enough. The game is puzzle game , super classic. Have potential to grow for examples. Lava contraption that will repel or burn blocks. Obsidian block that is mix with water and lava. Something like that. Plus some new monster to make it feel like the adventurer have level up more than just dropping slime and frying them.

Great puzzle game simple and elegant.

holy shit, dungeon crawler puzzle where literally every step counts... amazing....

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
7:39 AM EDT