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Slimoban is a variation of sokoban with slimes. But besides the boxes that you need to move, there are also monsters you can escape from or destroy with a fireball or by throwing them into the water. There are three types of slimes in the game: the green ones just stand still, they cannot be destroyed with a fireball, but they can be pushed into the water. Blue slimes chase the main character and they can be destroyed with a fireball and thrown into the water just like the green ones. Red slimes chase you and they can only be pushed in the water.

Fireballs can also move blocks. If blocks fall into the water they destroy both the water and themselves. Some slimes do the same, others just get drowned. Fireball magic bottles and keys can sink as well.

The game has 30 levels.

Movings - arrows, WASD, screen buttons

Idle - space, idle button.

Shoot - click/tap.

Walkthough for first 22 levels: https://youtu.be/lVgAt4cFXeg


slime movement after droping in water and for 3 or more slimes in line.

added loading levels in preloader

fixed crushing for browser with invisible mode

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Fun, but in absolute dire need of an undo button. The final level especially is nightmarish without it.

Liked moving slime mechanics and puzzles but this game has couple of other problems, mostly not relatred to gameplay, as I think. Sound design and volume mastering is not so good; what about art design: everything looks kind of inhomogeneous or whatever (that's mostly because of pixel scaling, I guess); and, as a lot of people has already told, controls are bad.

Interesting puzzler! Gets pretty hard really fast, and lays into you with the whole 'tricking slimes into moving objects for you' aspect, which was cool to figure out. Presentation was nice as well with good graphics and animations. Controls are a bit frustrating though: there's no input buffering so if you press a movement key even a nanosecond before your previous movement is over, it ignores the input, and this can lead to frustrating slowdown and unintentional moves if you're inputting in sequence. Also, I don't know why the controls were spread between keyboard for moving and mouse for shooting: I guess it makes sense in retrospect, but it felt weird like everything could've been done from just the keyboard or just the mouse (why can we not click on a square to move to it, for example). Still, had a fun time, even though I got stumped early, haha!

The controls are kinda unresponsive. Also clicking mouse to shoot and has no option to shoot with keyboard. Other than that pretty good!
Is this a bug? When a slime droped to water with box and another slime was near it did not attacked. I completed level 27 that way(with 2 boxes left) but I think it is not supposed to work so.

I get why movement is one square at a time, but don't like that bit.

A minor complaint because the rest of it is so well done.

Credits & Info

3.71 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2020
7:39 AM EDT