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Noopets (Neopets X Protests Game Parody Concept Trailer)

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Haven't used Newgrounds in a while, so be gentle~

I'm a sad dad millennial game dev who's been making a number of game prototypes inspired by my nostalgic memories of early 2000s internet culture, such as Homestar Runner, Neopets, and Newgrounds. This is a quick 30 second game concept teaser trailer to show my concept where Noopets (alternate universe Neopets) have risen up against fascism a la 2020 Black Lives Matter protests... featuring acapella beatbox rapping of all things. This is kind of in homage to stuff from back when I used to browse things here as a middle schooler/high schooler back in like 2002-2007, although it seems things are much different now.

Let me know what y'all think. I'll try to respond to every comment (y'know as long as you're not just trolling)

If you're interested in more:

Games - https://muditaheart.itch.io/

Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/chuzzy143

FB Page - https://www.facebook.com/ourfriendclyde/

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Credits & Info

2.51 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2020
5:31 PM EDT
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Audition
  • Media Encoder