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Education Hub Prototype

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Author Comments

IF THE GAME LOOKS TOO ZOOMED IN ON YOUR COMPUTER GO TO OPTIONS AND CLICK FULL SCREEN! Also after testing the game on different computers I have found that it sometimes crashes at the start for them, but after refreshing once or twice it worked.

The controls of the game are to use the arrow keys to move in the corresponding direction. To accept a change or interact with an object you click the (z) key. To cancel you click the (x) key. I hope this game is enjoyable and shows what could be done by someone much more skilled than myself to make education more engaging.

This note here is for my professor grading this final:

This is my final project for my utilizing technology in the classroom course. I made four areas that correspond with parts of the New York Common Core for fifth grade. I wanted to show a way that Common Core lessons could be presented in a gaming format. I set up parts of the gameplay in a first person view to simulate what an educational program could achieve with Virtual Reality (VR), but I am not yet skilled enough in programming to make a VR game. This game covers following areas of the New York Common Core: the first part of Math module 1, Social Studies module 5.2, ELA module 2A, and the Science 5 module Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems. I also included an improved version of the typing game that I published earlier on this website because typing is a critical skill for elementary school students, but it has a few small glitches.

I listed full citations in the credits at the end of the game. Some are not clearly legible due to the plugin (programming tool) I used, so here is an additional list of the works cited.

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Also note that I made this using RPG Maker MV.

In future this could be used as a skeleton to add more lessons to it until all the modules are done. I do not think i will do it, but if I take another class involved in technology I may. This game would also be more useful if there was more interactivity with the different subjects. I honestly ran out of time to figure out how to make it more interactive, but if someone could figure it out, that would make the game work a lot better.

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1. Either do 2d or 3d. Mixing it just makes it ugly and hard to navigate. This isn't how 2.5d is supposed to work.
2. There is no objective or instruction. I'm just waking around doing nothing.
3. Fix the zooming. Not everybody prefers full screen.

treebee responds:

Sorry the zooming problem is a rpg maker problem. There is nothing I can do about it. I made it 3d as a prototype idea for possible virtual reality idea in future.
2 As having no instruction I guess that is a good point. I could have made it more obvious what to do. There are 4 main areas on each side. Talking to them will bring you to the area that teaches that lesson. There is also a typing game to the south.
The typing game to the south did not work in 3d so that is why it is in 2d.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2020
10:30 PM EDT