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Helltaker Characters Compilation

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Hello there guys!

Here is a compilation of all my Helltaker shorts!!



Pandemonica & Lucifer: PixieWillow

Modeus & Azazel: MissMoonified

Cerberus & Zdrada: MizzPeachy

Malina & Beelzebub: TemptyVA

Justice & Judgement: SilkyMilkVoices

Satan: LewdZaxk

Sound Design: Volkor


Thanks so much to Łukasz Piskorz, creator of Helltaker

Please, if you like Helltaker's OST, consider follow their original creator

Mittsies Youtube

Also, you can purchase Helltaker's OST here:

Purchase the OST

Purchase the OST

Purchase the OST


1st Daily Feature and Weekly 2nd Place THANK YOU!!

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Nice nice!

awsome video, also my favourite girl is Justice

lustful demon would be my friend and i woul be like WHA- (now i want some pancakes so ADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS)

that do be epic game doe

Jolly well done