I won't go back to the ball

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One of a series of animations staring

Music:Darren Nesbit

Lead vocals: Bob

Guitar: Alice

Bass: Tom

Tambourine: Kimmy

Drums Tara

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It might be worth mentioning that the original was by Darren Nesbit. Putting it through a free-to-use 3D character program and recording in such a way that the volume fluctuates to the point of clipping is really a poor attempt to disguise it.

FunBot responds:

Thanks Shennanigma, you are right I did not credit DARREN NESBIT for the original music - However I do have his personal permission to use this song for this project - sorry about the volume fluctuation, I am not a professional - I also happen to also have a licence for Muvizu that I paid for and I am in no way trying to disguise anything so what is your point?