I said pick up that can.

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Scout should've just picked up that can ey? A little SFM animation I made, I played Half Life 2 again, and liked that "Pick up that can" part, I threw it at the metrocop and got wasted in return lol.

Anyways, enjoy!

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eh heh heh

Ah a fellow sfm user! this will be good.

Decent animation and punchline, scout got what he fucking deserved.

NuclearRadiation responds:

Hahaha thanks man! I love making SFM videos in my spare time if I can, they take some time to make, months, even, depending on the animations, like punching, kicking and everything else that takes alot of time to animate, this one took me since late April to begin, all the way to today to finally compile the "finished" animations and complete it, and had to say im quite happy how it turned out! Thanks your feedback! :)

I might make a small July 4th SFM video starting today, hopefully it'll be on time by July 4th, so...Keep a lookout on that! I made one 2 years ago.