meet the first law of physics

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this was hastily made for my science class. the goal was to make a slide show presentation or pic collage or an animations that demonstrate one of the laws of physics so i did a parody of meet the soldier demonstrating the first law of physics sadly face poser refused to work and my typical editing soft ware refused to open so i had to use windows move maker and then that refused to export so i opened my screen recording software and recorded the viewing window and i was in a rush so here is the finished product with all the restrictions that i had and it only took 2 days to make

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This brought me back to 2014, Thank you for the impromptu nostalgia Trip.

creditcrazy-channel responds:

ya welcome

Well it felt a bit choppy, but great work anyways!

hope you get an A+

creditcrazy-channel responds:

well i was the only student who made a animation and that is one thing that im proud of.