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Mini Crawler

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Author Comments

A small 2d top down dungeon crawler.

You have 4 rooms filled with monsters... Can you clear them all?


  • Aim with mouse.
  • Left-Click to Shoot.
  • Right-Click to Drop Mine.
  • Space to Dash.
  • Scroll-Wheel or Number keys to Change Weapons.

This is my first project, all of the art and code was made by me (except the monsters\torches sprites & animations, the pillars were modified and the barrels & the skull).

Would really appreciate any feedback.

Hope you will enjoy :)

**25/06/20 Update

  1. Fixed bugs (rooms not spawning enemies).
  2. Added Restart button to the pause menu.
  3. Can switch weapons using the numbers. 

**02/07/20 Update

  1. New enemy.
  2. Enemies do not spawn on top of player.
  3. Difficulty level dropped.

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I quite liked the game, good design and excellent cursor logic, but I don't hear the sound: if it doesn't have one, I recommend adding background music to make the gameplay feel. Without further ado, the game is incredible, and that is costing me to pass the first level hehe.

Balbazour responds:

Thank you so much!!
I didn't add music, but I am working on it and will soon update it

Enemies spawning on top of you and insta-killing you is really annoying. Also, there are too much waves in each room, it feels boring, The controls, idea and graphics are alright though

Balbazour responds:

Working on fixing these issues, will be fixed really soon.
Thank you for the comment!

cool game, nice idea, but rooms are too long. Still, i like the game

Balbazour responds:

Thank you so much for the comment, Had this issue with some people and working on making it better

Decent game concept - difficult, but fun. Could use sound, though.

Balbazour responds:

Thanks for the comment.
I am working on updates and fixes (Sounds included)

skeletons can spawn (almost) on top of you, basically insta-killing you. Could be fun otherwise

Balbazour responds:

I'm working on fixing that and also more upfates.
Thank you for the comment!