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Mini Crawler

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Author Comments

A small 2d top down dungeon crawler.

You have 4 rooms filled with monsters... Can you clear them all?


  • Aim with mouse.
  • Left-Click to Shoot.
  • Right-Click to Drop Mine.
  • Space to Dash.
  • Scroll-Wheel or Number keys to Change Weapons.

This is my first project, all of the art and code was made by me (except the monsters\torches sprites & animations, the pillars were modified and the barrels & the skull).

Would really appreciate any feedback.

Hope you will enjoy :)

**25/06/20 Update

  1. Fixed bugs (rooms not spawning enemies).
  2. Added Restart button to the pause menu.
  3. Can switch weapons using the numbers. 

**02/07/20 Update

  1. New enemy.
  2. Enemies do not spawn on top of player.
  3. Difficulty level dropped.

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Overall, great game. love the difficulty and idea. but it is laking music and sounds and the game is a bit short, but love it, keep up the good work! also I highly respect that you respond to the comments that point out the errors, even if it's a hate comment, you reply and act out maturely.

Balbazour responds:

Means a lot to read this!
It is my first ever game I made and actually was happy people played and responded, took every word as feedback to get myself better at this.
Really appreciate your comment :)

Seems like it could be a decent game, but the lack of sound/music as well as a unique hook really hurts it in its current state. It has some decent fights and enemy variety and I like the idea of battling in the dark, with the torch you pick at the beginning determining your player light radius and thus, in a way, your difficulty, and the way the room lights up when you win is cool. I think the game being based around light is really cool, and it wish it was explored further: I'd love it if the players projectiles helped illuminate the room as well so our fireball spell would double both as a means of illumination and immolation. It's really weird that the enemy projectiles illuminate the room better than the player's do: I think the lighting for all projectiles should be like multiplied by 4 or 5 times greater to create a cool, frenetic light show as you fight, trying to see where the enemies are inbetween their flashes. In fact, you could make it the player light is really small so that your fireballs are the only real way to see enemies: it'd create some really crazy fights! Other than that, there were a few other nitpicks like how it was annoying how some skeletons could take 2 fireballs instead of 1 (that should be kept consistent) and how overly-powerful the mines were in comparison to your fireball.

Balbazour responds:

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback!
I will certainly listen to your advice and work to make it better.

I quite liked the game, good design and excellent cursor logic, but I don't hear the sound: if it doesn't have one, I recommend adding background music to make the gameplay feel. Without further ado, the game is incredible, and that is costing me to pass the first level hehe.

Balbazour responds:

Thank you so much!!
I didn't add music, but I am working on it and will soon update it

Enemies spawning on top of you and insta-killing you is really annoying. Also, there are too much waves in each room, it feels boring, The controls, idea and graphics are alright though

Balbazour responds:

Working on fixing these issues, will be fixed really soon.
Thank you for the comment!

cool game, nice idea, but rooms are too long. Still, i like the game

Balbazour responds:

Thank you so much for the comment, Had this issue with some people and working on making it better

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2020
3:45 AM EDT