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Push the bby to the milk and away from the monsters to keep her alive! Monsters and bbys both starve to death if they don't eat! 



Secret Knowledge:

  • Monsters prioritize chasing BBYS of the same color as themselves!

Created for Ludum Dare 46

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this game is totally fucking sick and the music reminds me of the music in the game quest 64 in a good way. also the cutesy aesthetic is just magnificent

Very surprising! A bit weird to manage at times what with rocks taking so long to break (really wish more debris would come off as you're breaking them to let you know you're making progress), the bbys being a bit glitchy to move around and items being so random, but it made for some interesting escort-style gameplay! The star of the show is definitely the story: really caught me off-guard as usually a game like this would just be a simple score attack, but the narrative really added a crazy element to it that made me play through it all just to see the insanity. Well done!

this game was very nice, i loved it. your games are so awesome, i loved picowars and i also love this one too. your games are challenging but fun and so cool to play, i kept on dying because i did not know the monsters went for the same colors bby so i kept on pushing all the bbs out the way before i knew the tip. the ending credit was nice i liked it cooler way to do credits. conga line of credits

bby safe

Cool game. SImple, yet difficult and engaging. Nice bbys ;)