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The Climb

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Author Comments

This was more of a passion project that was actually the first game I worked on before all the other games that have been published here but I held off it because I thought it might be a bit too difficult and frustrating for some players but it is a game that has different characters at different stages talking about feelings that I had in the process of making this game. It is a short game and hope that you guys enjoy the challenge.

Controls are the the arrow keys, Left and Right arrow keys to move, Up arrow key to jump and Down arrow key to crouch. P to pause the game and mute the music. Space bar to interact with the characters in the game.

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This was a difficult platformer but not impossible. I do like how there is more then one way to go about this game even though it does all lend to the same path. The controls were a little weird but it kind of plays to its charm. I did get used to it eventually, once you understand how the gravity works and the distance you can jump it does have a good level of control to it. Think you could have reworked the music a bit, seemed a bit weird in places but this was an interesting game, I really liked it.

This was perfect. Any one bashing the controls is like bashing Call of Duty for having the right trigger or left mouse be the shooting button. This game's controls and aerial jumping difficulty is part of the game. It adds the experience, and giving it a poor review for fulfilling it's purpose is unfair.

I'm a huge sucker for minimalist graphics with tough game play and a cryptic underlying story. Each checkpoint I hit made me have to take a little minute break and mentally prepare for what was ahead. This was a great challenge with appropriate difficulty and fun pay-off. Thank you for making this little experience!

One question: Am I able to reach that green orb that's on the left side middle of the mountain? Is it possible and is it worth climbing for again? I tried climbing high and jumping left a couple times to reach it, but I never made it and once I got really high I was just concerned with reaching the top, ha.

DragonBearStudio responds:

Thank you for your comment it is very much appreciated, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. To answer the question I'm assuming the green orb you mean is the literal Easter Egg. There is a hooded character along that path you can talk to that pretty much tells you there's no real reason to go that path except to see the Easter Egg. Thought it'd be funny to add in literal Easter Eggs in the games.

i hate the controls. i hate the checkpoint system. i hate this. its a really fun and nice game. almost passed it but i fell back to the beginning. might just try to pass it again later. Edit: i finally got to the top and found this to be a really inspirational game. after a few minutes, it becomes easier to control and it is a really fun game.

DragonBearStudio responds:

Understandable, can't argue your original thoughts. This was one of the first games I worked on and the idea was for it to be difficult. I am quite glad you managed to finish the game though. I can tell you after play testing this game many, many... many times it ain't easy to beat so I have to give you props for that.

I really hate the aerial control.

You know the area with the arrow that points in the north west-west? The one with three platforms merging together? Yeah, I got stuck there.

DragonBearStudio responds:

I'm not entirely sure which part that is but there are multiple paths you can take to make your way to the top until you reach the ice section.

Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2020
5:55 PM EDT