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Ryu of the North Star

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I tried to keep the inconsistancies of the original show but I ended up making a ton of my own (This is technically my first animation so I hope you guys don't judge me too harshly)

I made this as part of a gameplay montage but I thought I should post the animation segment to Newgrounds. Here's the full video with the gameplay montage, I'd appreciate it if you guys could go give it a watch =|:^) : https://youtu.be/m5Kwd-ceMKg

Stay tuned!

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this is accurate today

"I hold Fire Breath and Flying Slam my opponent off the stage of course! So what..." I literally fuckin lost it. xD This is so perfect. Bowser and his kids as North Star goons is something I didn't know I craved

*Making Anime looks* 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズアニメと神の力
Translation "Super Smash Bros. Power of Anime and God" XD Kick-ass anime smash bros, Well done!