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Ball and Cubes toy

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Author Comments

Jump ball on and over cubes.

Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move.

Play on Android

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There's always a massive gap between the first and second cube that's impossible to jump over. Idk if I'm just not getting something, but right it just seems like a broken toy.

Buen juego! le veo muy poca sensibilidad al juego, pero está bueno :) Mi record: 112 lol

A very nice concept for the game. However, people will start to get bored once they play it for a while. Maybe adding a few more new features to make the game more addictive.

The game works. It is fun, it resembles a phone game but that's it. There is a lot of things that should be fixed and added.

You should definitely add a main menu and a pause button. Jumping right in the game is a bit weird and counter-intuitive. Maybe you can do without the main menu if that is what you want, you can have the ball fall when the player presses enter or something as a cool cinematic even but the pause button is much more important because it can give the player the capabilities of going to get water or pay attention to the real world if they ever need to. Similarly, don't make the game start right away after you leave the pause menu but rather add a countdown that the player can see in order for the player to know when to start and the game not to start abruptly and die because of it.

Also, you could maybe have an options section (or instructions if you don't want to do binding keys) on the main menu/pause and there the player can see or edit their keys. It took me a few seconds to realize what the movement was.

Now here comes the much bigger feedback:

The pace is too slow. I feel the ball moves too slow side to side and it also has a small of deceleration when you release the key (you are using the forced script to move it side to side, right?). This makes the game rather boring and lacks difficulty, in fact, that's one of the biggest problems with this game. It gets boring fast. There is no precise movement because of the deceleration and the speed and pace of the game remain the same throughout the rest of the game. I would personally add a gradual velocity increase to the ball, maybe add something that moves behind it to force the player to always go forward, this barrier can slowly start to move faster. One way to do this is that the corners of the camera are what ends the game as well as falling from the blocks to the void. The camera can move by itself and the ball has to always remain within the camera. The camera can go faster overtime which would increase the pace significantly. This would definitely increase the difficulty and would make the game less boring.

Overall, it is a fine game, this was most probably one of your first projects since you are using very basic code. Keep learning, you'll make a fine game someday.

ivane5 responds:

I'm not sure about making it progressively harder, because this is a toy [as stated in title] not a game, say like a Fidget Cube--no winning, no achievement achieving, just play.
Struggle is that not many [if any] distribution platform have category for: non-game games, software toys.

Though need for making it more fun is something to think/work about.

Thanks for feedback ^_^

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2020
3:35 AM EDT