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Super Shout

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I've created a game where you have to shout in your microphone to let time flow. Yes, is a reference from Super Shot :)


I'm posting here (and in some groups) asking for feedback and answer my question "should I continue it?"


Follow the devlog here!


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Very interesting experiment and delivers some good fun, but it kinda feels a bit half-baked on execution at times. Detecting the microphone in the first place was really troublesome for me because I have so many mics (webcam, oculus, actual mic, headset mic, etc) and I had to figure out how to get it to work. When I got the mic in though, the game didn't seem to utilize it as fully as I thought or make it ingrained with the mechanics: it seems to operate on a binary system where any sound does regular speed, when I thought it was gonna be a gradient where whispering=slow-mo and yelling=regular/fast-mo, with degrees of volume inbetween. The microphone also has an annoying lag when transitioning between modes and can be really touchy. Taking away the microphone, the gameplay seemed a bit frustrating too with awkward hit detection, way too small and way too fast characters, hard to determine reload timing, and some of the controls were really difficult to get used to even in an ideal scenario, like the walljumping (especially since if you're not loud all the time, it can stutter and misalign your inputs). I still had some good fun and made it all the way to beat the boss, but it could definitely use some polishing up.

Absolutely phenomenal.

This is a game that makes you overuse your voice. Careful not to lose it!

very good but AAAAAAAAA.

I love, my gf told me to shut the fuck up!