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Bleekofla 3D

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This is a remake of my second game, The Adventure of Bleekofla, but in 3D. Just a little side project...

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Hey, Like the other user, I also thought this wasn't going to be that much of a constructed game, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was actually interesting!

Here's just a couple of issues I had personally.

- Yeah your obviously trying to create your own little aesthetic, with those checkered textures and all, and in some instances and levels, it looks alright. But it can also be very jarring and your colour choices arent exactly top notch (Especially the blinding bright yellow level, the other two looked okay)
- The beepbox music in the overworld is bearable, but the song that plays during levels can be extremely grating, especially due to the fact after you die it restarts. its obvious making games is slightly more your forte than music but just bear in mind music can hugely detract from an experience.

But aside from that, Its a nice lil game, hope any project after this turns out well!

Fin-Deevy responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I agree, I really need to work on my audio design.

You know, I definitely walked into this expecting a dumpster fire. Pleasantly surprised to see a rather complete submission. The checkered placeholder textures everywhere aren't exactly the most eyeball-friendly but there was definitely a game to play. Got all six components and noticed a few things:

1) Some of the component challenge rooms are the same. Was that intentional?
2) One of the component challenge rooms can be skipped entirely (just jump down).
3) Because your particle emitters don't start immediately, there's a moment of confusion in the overworld when you complete a room as you try to get your bearings.
4) Since it's a very vertically-oriented platformer, I would love to get an indication of where my feet are instead of being a headless camera.

Overall, solid submission! Keep at it.

Fin-Deevy responds:

Thank you for the feedback! A couple of the rooms reuse textures but besides that those are some flaws I will take into consideration for the next 3D game.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2020
2:26 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • Aseprite
  • BeepBox