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The Sergio Show Episode #191

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This was an entertaining cartoon. The writing was good and while I never really laughed out loud, it was pretty amusing and I can appreciate your improvement.

The voice acting was good too. You bring a lot of energy and personality to your character. Your delivery and microphone quality is also a plus.

Focusing on the visuals, you’ve improved with your puppet animation skills since the last time I watched an episode. The animation at 0:24-0:29 was especially notable. Lots of quick, smooth movements that alternate nicely. In general Sergio’s keyframes are expressive and visually interesting through the whole cartoon. However, I feel that these rigged segments still need a lot of work. The frame rate is pretty slow and, if I had to take a guess, it’s probably around 12 fps. While this slower kind of framerate works for detailed characters (think anime), it’s kind of bizarre to see rigged animation be this slow here. Additionally, I think that Sergio’s movements lack much flow. Usually in animation characters will ease in and out of positions. Think of the ball example and how the in betweens gradually space out. I don’t want to sound like a lecturer, and I’m sure you understand this concept to some degree but I don’t see this being utilized here. Sergio’s rigged movements are static. The speed of his movements may alternate, but the in betweens are always evenly spaced. This is a huge problem if you’re trying to make Sergio’s animation smooth. That sort of “easing in and out” concept is extremely important. I’d say try out the standard 24 fps with 2s and 1s.

Another thing to point out is Sergio’s rig. Granted, I haven’t really touched upon rigged animation myself too much, but Sergio’s rig does seem pretty simple. When Sergio is sitting at his desk, the actual pieces never change, stretch, or anything. And I think the Sergio rig is, honestly, kind of ugly. I remember you did a fully hand drawn episode a while back and Sergio looked way more aesthetically pleasing. In general, I think the rigged process is limiting what you can do with character animation and I don’t think rigged animation suits you. You’re good at posing characters but the in betweens and rigs bring it down.

I know a lot of what I’m saying could be objected with “well it’s low budget/limited,” but I don’t think that’s true. Stuff like Space Ghost and Aqua Teen are similarly low budget but the actual animation they do feature still looks smooth.

One last thing I’d like to touch on are the colors. Lots of primary and bright colors are used. I’d suggest experimenting with the colors a bit. Color choice is probably the least of my qualms visually but it was worth a mention.

Overall this was a good watch. Visuals have improved but I think you need to revaluate your animation process.